Marketing Mix Promotion in Four P’s Cleverism

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The team tasked with these activities will begin by understanding the dynamics of the target audience and deciding which modes of advertising are likely to help meet goals. Once the channel is determined, assistance from other points of the mix is included to ensure that the message sent corresponds to the particular product characteristics, advantages and user experience. None of the elements of the advertising mix work in isolation. Instead a unified body of counsel acts as the source for all activities within these 4P’s. The available information is filtered to come with those areas which will be most applicable to the target viewers.

The attempt at altering mindsets was divided up into two demanding situations. The first to move negative perceptions to impartial and the second to move impartial perceptions to helpful. An built-in press and public members of the family plan was devised and rolled out to tackle the first problem and talk the changed agency and product to the viewers. Factory visits, meetings and interviews with designers and engineers, motor shows, sponsorships, displays at public arenas and well planned advertisement campaigns were part of this strategy. These efforts helped reduce the strong terrible image and create the basis for further shift towards a favorable image.

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