Marketing Executive: understanding, job description, and duties

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Marketing Executive: understanding, job description, and duties

Marketing Executive understanding job description and duties

Marketing Executive is one of the many career choices that are trending among job seekers. Simply put, Marketing Executive can be interpreted as a person who is responsible for strengthening the value of a product or company in the public.

In addition, they also served in overseeing various promotional steps for a product or service company. A marketing executive can be said to be successful in carrying out its duties if they are able to make the company or service company known by many people. In addition, their success rate will also be measured from the increase or whether or not the company’s sales or income.

Job Description Marketing Executive

If it is based on marketing, maybe the term marketing executive will be a little similar to sales executives. So what is the difference between Marketing Executive and Sales Executive? Both of these career are basically the same. However, because some people consider sales profession not cooler than marketing, many companies often call it marketing executive as their salespeople.

This marketing executive has the main JobDesk as a person who carries out sales activities to prospective consumers directly. In its work, they will focus more on how to achieve the product sales target or service they offer.

The word executive itself arises from representative activities carried out directly. So if it is translated simply, marketing is marketing personnel who will deal directly on the basis of customer desires and requests.

Tasks and Responsibilities of Marketing Executive

1. Make customer prospect data

The first marketing executive task is to find a target market or buyer. This prospect data can be obtained from various sources, such as friends, brother, or company customer references that have not yet been followed up. Another way that is currently being effective is looking for prospects by utilizing social media such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

You can also use Facebook customer audience as a database source. However, it takes quite high accuracy if you want to find a database through social media because there will be very possible data for forgery.

2. Make an Offer Plan

Prospect data that has been made next must be followed up one by one. But before doing that, you must be validated regarding the information first if the data comes from social media. Basically, this offer plan is made to prepare a schedule or time in order to be able to communicate further with prospective customers.

3. Do promotion

Promotion and marketing are two things that cannot be separated. As a marketing executive, surely you have the responsibility to do the promotion of the product or service you want to sell. The form of promotion is very diverse. Simply put on a form of promotion through social media owned by companies. In addition, you can also do offline promotions on some spots that you consider potentially seen by your target market.

4. Reach the sales target

As explained earlier, the performance benchmark from a merceting executive is almost the same as sales, namely turnover or sales. Therefore, all activities of a merceting executive at the company are in order to achieve sales targets.

5. Receive a complaint handle

As a form of responsibility for customers, a Marketing Executive must be able to handle customer complaints. Please note that customer satisfaction is one of the goals of marketing activities. If you are able to do this well, then you will get references from customers. Because if customers have been satisfied to be served by you, their chances of recommending you will be very big.

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6. After sales service

Many merceting executives assume that this activity is less important, because they consider the target to reach a new sales target. Even though this assumption is a big mistake. Why? Because After Sales Service is one part that cannot be separated from marketing activities.

What makes you sure that the product or service you provide to customers has no obstacles after being bought? Therefore, After Sales Service activities are very important to influence the image of a marketing executive.

8. Make a Marketing Strategy with Marketing Manager

Good companies or organizations should have a clear career path. The main task of this point is creating a new generation. As a merceting executive, you may not limit yourself to just regular work. By helping marketing manager make marketing strategies, then indirectly you are learning to become a good marketing manager.

Skills that must be owned by Marketing Executive

1. Interpersonal communication

Because you are in charge of being an intermediary between the company and consumers, you must have a good level of skill in communication. You must be able to do good communication with a variety of clients or customers through various media.

So, communication that you must master is not only verbal communication just face to face, but communication through other media must also be able to master, such as communication via telephone, writing, video call, etc.

2. Marketing Executive.

Marketing Executive’s capabilities are very different from interpersonal capabilities, but marketing executives are also the ability to have by Seoarang Merketing Executive. Someone who is capable of communicating interpersonally, does not necessarily have marketing executive capabilities.

Marketing Executive capabilities require a higher level of self-confidence than interpersonal communication. By having good marketing executives, you can introduce your product or your services more effectively.

3. Writing Ability

A merceting executive must also have good abilities. Without having this ability, you will find it difficult to promote your goods or services in writing. If you have good writing skills, of course you will be able to adjust the writing style for various purposes that are in accordance with the company’s target market.

4. Details-oriented

As a form of representation from the company, the merceting executive will be more often associated with many people, therefore merceting executives must be careful. Your mistake can be rated by clients as a big mistake, and will make the company’s image negative.

5. Careful and have analytical skills

This ability is needed when you have to determine the target of a clear and right market. In addition, this ability will also be very useful so that you can know the market needs, so you can develop and customize products or services according to your abilities.

Without the good analytical ability of a merceting executive, it will greatly make it difficult for the company in developing its product or service.

6. Creative and innovative

Creative abilities are almost needed in all types of work. Creativity can be interpreted as a form of fuel from all the capabilities you need.

With good creativity capabilities, you can communicate, write and make all strategies more effectively or more efficiently.

A ability combined with creativity capabilities will definitely be able to give birth to something different than others. With the power of high creativity, the more potential will be the potential that you can create in creating new innovations.

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7. Persuasive and negotiative

A marketing executive does not only have to introduce its product or service, they must also be able to invite people to buy their company products or services. In addition to persuasive, the expertise in negotiating is also very important so that a transaction can also fulfill and satisfy consumers and the company.

8. The ability to work together in the team

A Merketing Executive will not be able to work alone, they must also be able to communicate with other divisions. Therefore, you must have good cooperation with other divisions. Because maintaining good communication and delegating work is both activities that you must do well.

9. Technology-Savvy

In the era of digitally like today, you will desperately need the role of a merceting executive that is the Techology Savy, especially for those of you who work on startup companies. Why? Because of your understanding and ability to equip a number of tools are very capable of helping to support your expertise.


Marketing Executive is one of the many career choices that are trending among job seekers. Marketing Executive can be interpreted as a person responsible for strengthening the value of a product or company in the public.

So what is the difference between Marketing Executive and Sales Executive? Both of these career are basically the same. However, because some people consider sales profession not cooler than marketing, many companies often call it marketing executive as their salespeople.

Marketing Executive has the main JobDesk, which is as a sales activity to prospective consumers directly.

However, an Excutive marketing in a company certainly requires information regarding stock products on the goods he will sell directly and real time. In addition, they also need information related to the capital price of a product so that they can make the right steps for the promotional activities.

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