Marketing Campaign is One of the Keys to Your Business Success

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Marketing Campaign is One of the Keys to Your Business Success

Marketing Campaign is One of the Keys to Your Business Success 1

A marketing campaign is a way to promote products through a variety of different media, including television, radio, newspapers, or online platforms. The campaign not only relies on advertising content, but also includes product demonstrations, word of mouth, and other creative ways.

Marketing Campaign Concept

Marketing campaigns can be designed with different objectives, for example, building a brand image, introducing new products, increasing existing products on the market, increasing brand awareness, or even reducing the impact of negative news that is spread. To achieve the goals that have been made, you usually need more than one channel/media to be able to find what kind of marketing campaign is most effective for your business.

The Purpose of a Marketing Campaign

Before talking more about marketing campaigns, you need to understand that there are stages that the audience will go through before deciding to make a purchase. As an illustration, you can see the stages of sales through the marketing conversion funnel, as follows:

1. Brand

At this stage, the main focus is to make your brand widely known to the general public, specifically your target audience. To be successful, pay attention to aspects of brand recognition and brand awareness.

For example, when you want to search for something on the internet, you will most likely say “search on Google”, even though we know that Google is a brand. More or less like this brand recognition works.

Whereas brand awareness works by forming a bond between your brand and the audience, and not just about introducing products or logos, but also ensuring that the audience is aware that your product is the best solution to the problems they face.

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2. Leads


After you succeed at the brand stage, the next step is to lead the potential audience to recognize your product further, and eventually land on your website. To make your audience more confident in your product, make sure you also provide the information they need, for example through video content, photos, articles, and so on. The content must have the power to encourage potential audiences to make a purchase.

3. Sales

By the time you arrive at this stage, it means that your audience believes that your product matches what they need and can solve the problem they are having. With purchases made, it means consumers have high expectations of your product. So, don’t waste this opportunity.

4. Loyalty

The last stage is to see whether consumers who have made a previous purchase are willing to make a repeat purchase. Remember that in business you must think about prospects in the long run. If the consumer was reluctant to make a repeat purchase, it means something is wrong with the product or service that you provide.

If this condition occurs, of course, your brand’s reputation is at stake. Moreover, in this digital era, consumers will easily share their bad experiences when using your product on their social media. Therefore, in addition to maintaining product quality, you also need to maintain good relations with your customers.

After your marketing campaign is running effectively, it means you have succeeded in driving your audience to the stage of purchasing a product. Therefore, you also have to think about how to most effectively promote your products and services online. One way is to use the Froggy Ads Advertising service.

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