Marketing 4.0: Definition and Application in Business

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Marketing 4.0: Definition and Application in Business

Marketing 4.0 Definition and Application in Business

Today, the world of marketing is growing rapidly. If we used to recognize the marketing era 1.0 which focuses more on product sales, the marketing world has now developed into marketing 4.0. Before we discuss further about the understanding and implementation of marketing 4.0 in business, it is better if we first learn the difference in marketing 1.0 to 4.0

Marketing difference 1.0 – 4.0

To understand this latest marketing approach, the marketing book that can be used as a reference is Philip Kotler’s Marketing 4.0 book, Hermawan Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan. In the book it has been explained that the marketing era has begun with marketing 1.0 which focuses more on product sales.

In the marketing 1.0 era, the focus of the entrepreneur is to be able to sell their products as much as possible regardless of what consumers need.

On the other hand, Marketing 2.0 is more focused on consumers. In this era entrepreneurs have begun to try to better touch the consumer’s heart, but consumers are only considered passive objects.

Furthermore, in Marketing 3.0, entrepreneurs will focus more on humans. So that entrepreneurs not only focus on marketing their products, but also in terms of vision, mission and value that go hand in hand together with consumers. However, employers claim that this marketing model still needs to be developed again.

Why? Because the development of technology that is so pesar is claimed to be able to trigger more effective marketing. This is the reason for the formation of marketing 4.0. The approach used in marketing 4.0 combines the touch of consumers more humanely with the sophistication of technology that is currently available.

Understanding Marketing 4.0.

The definition of marketing 4.0 is literally a marketing approach that combines online and offline interactions that occur between entrepreneurs and customers. In the era like today, marketing activities are not enough to be done online. But it also requires offline marketing efforts in order to ensure that consumers have truly received satisfactory services for their services or products.

Basically, the online market is not trying to drop offline markets, because in marketing 4.0, both have their own roles, and the role is very important to complete the strategy of markering 4.0.

Reporting from Marketeers page, Marketing 4.0 not only combines offline and online stores, but also combines the style and substace that is behind it. Simply put, in addition to a brand must implement a good digital marketing strategy, they must also be able to create relevant, interesting and up-to-date content for its customers.

Therefore, the content process must use the human touch in the process of creating it. Although the Machine-to-Machine and Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) have been developed to improve marketing 4.0 progress, but the important role of humans is still needed to strengthen or improve engagement.

So, there is a mixture that is called marketing 4.0

Know Big Data Analysis

Before we discuss further about what the importance of Big Data Analysis in Marketing 4.0. It’s good to know about the Big Data itself.

Quoted from a journal entitled Marketing 4.0: Enhancing Consumer Brand Engagement Through Big Data Analysis Published in 2016, Big Data is a collection of information that is structured and easily accessible, analyzed, and used for various decision-making processes.

In Big Data, there are 5 dimensions of data that can be used, namely volume, velocity, variety, variability, and complexity. The five dimensions of this data can be obtained from various sources. Various data such as social media trends, financial transactions, emails, videos, and audio, for example, you can install it for free from the internet.

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Functionally, Big Data Analysis has a function, among others, to increase customer assessment, improve digital security, analyze operations that focus more on machine data, as well as data warehouse modernization.

The Importance of Big Data Analysis in Marketing 4.0

Previously we had understood that marketing strategies continued to grow rapidly, such as marketing 1.0 which focused on product sales without thinking about consumer needs, marketing 2.0 more focused on consumers, marketing 3.0 which focus more on humans, and marketing 4.0 used by combining online strategies and offline to increase customer engagment.

With the development of a marketing strategy that continues to occur every year, the sky technique will be different. In a book entitled Marketing 4.0, Moving from Traditional To Digital, the work of Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, and Iwan Setiawan, explained that Maketing 4.0 replaced the 4A approach to 5A. The following is the 5A approach in Marketing 4.0

Approach 5A in Marketing 4.0


In this condition, your audience has known the products and brands that you sell. They are aware of the existence of a brand or product that you sell through advertisements for various traditional media such as brochures, advertisements, or banners.


At this stage, the audience has begun to feel interested in the products you sell. They began to consider whether they really needed the product? They will also think about what they have to buy the product?


Because the audience has been interested in your products and they have taken into consideration, then they will begin to question or find out to share information in depth about the products they like.

The audience is likely to ask his friends who have already bought, looking for review information on the internet, or find out various compositions of goods and prices.


After the three stages above have passed, your audience will eventually start daring to act. Finally, they buy products that they really like.


If your customer feels satisfied with the product that has been bought, then they will become an advocate for your product. That is, they will start recommending the products they have bought. The method can be assorted, such as providing feedback, recovery, or a variety of online or offline reviews.

Tips for Implementing Marketing 4.0 effectively

Based on a book entitled Marketing 4.0, Moving from Traditional to Digital, the work of Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, and Iwan Setiawan, we can get various tips in implementing Marketing 4.0 effectively on the business being carried out. So that it can compete in a healthy world of digital marketing which is increasingly fierce like now. Here are the tips:

1. Use all marketing media

The number of media used for marketing purposes was created in order to provide experience in consumers smoothly and consistently. By using various media, your consumers will be easier to know and access all service information or products that you sell.

Therefore, use online and offline media, why? Because Marketing 4.0 uses stlye and sustance integration. Which means, you not only have to prioritize the side of good branding efforts, but also must be able to offer appropriate, good and up-to-date content on your customers.

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3. Give a solution

At present, the community is tired of all marketing strategies in the form of advertising they can meet everywhere. Marketing 4.0 comes with a marketing solution that is capable of being the middle way between customer and business needs. Therefore, the message delivered should not be able to focus too much on sales, but also provides a solution for what really consumers need.

In the 4.0 marketing book, it has been explained that the sellers must divide the frustrating point of its customers. In particular, when they use a product or service service. From there, you have to think about how the function of the product you offer is able to help your customers’ problems.

3. Practicing digital anthropology

At this point, you will be more focused on the sense of 4.0 which is combined with the touch of consumers humanely with the sophistication of technology that is currently growing. In the aspect of digital anthropology, the current technology will interact actively or digital interface.

This process will also show how consumers will behave in the context of technology, and how the technology used by humans is able to effectively interact between one with the others.

One practice is Social Listening, which is a proactive process in monitoring conversations about a media on the Internet, especially social media and in the online community.


As a businessman, preparing business by maximizing marketing 4.0 strategies and understanding the definition of marketing 4.0 is claimed to be able to increase your business competitiveness. In addition, you must also be aware of business management, especially in the administrative and accounting section, because this is as important and can still make your business survive until now.

However, this point is still often considered one eye. In fact, when you are able to manage finances well and correctly, then you don’t need to spend a lot of time taking care of finance. So, you will focus more on business development.

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