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When you are in marketing and sales, you cannot afford not to network around to gain more contacts. This is especially so if you are in self employment. You could be a freelance writer or designer or you own a small one man outfit being your own boss and employee at the same time. When you don’t have a pool of staff and colleagues with you, it can be very tiring to break out of the box to think of creative ideas for your business and day to day work. That’s exactly the reason why you should broaden your business circle and expanding your network.

Joining a business community is certainly useful for your business. What is a business community?It can be a local network in your city or even neighborhood. It could also be an international business network. You just seek to check out if it serves your needs and whether you can contribute in return. DirectMatches. com, for example, is a business network site that has 65,000 member.

It focuses strictly on the business community. This is unlike the other social networking sites that are much more generic in nature. . Using business network site is really a short cut to hooking up with potential partners and even customers. Your network is your net worth in business.

As business owners, we should leverage as much as possible. Joining a business network to know more people is marketing itself. We are marketing and promoting ourselves, our company, our expertise and our services.

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