Market balance: understanding, process, and functions for businesses

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Market balance understanding process and functions for businesses

Market balance: understanding, process, and functions for businesses

Market balance understanding process and functions for businesses

The world of marketing is a place where buyers and sellers make transactions. The existence of sellers who offer their products and buyers who will buy the items. If the fulfillment of buyers needs according to the circumstances of the existing goods at a normal price that occurs in the market balance.

The balance that occurs in the market is very important to occur to get normal demand-supply curves. If there is no balance, the existing curve is not balanced, the price and market demand can be too up or decreases dramatically.

Consumers and producers react differently to price changes. Higher prices tend to reduce demand while pushing the offer, and lower prices increase demand while shrinking supply.

Economic theory shows that, in a free market there will be a single price that carries a balance between demand and offers, called balance prices. Both parties need rare resources owned by other parties and therefore there is a large incentive to engage in exchange.

Understanding the balance of the market

In recognizing the market world that has a relationship between sellers and buyers is very closely related to existing products or items. A seller will offer the product according to the stock that exists to the buyer, and the buyer will buy a product at the appropriate price, then the balance occurs on the market or also called Ceteris Paribus.

This Paribus ceteris depends on the balanced demand and offers that occur on the market. In such circumstances this means that there will be no goods or products offered by the seller excessively because consumer demand is in accordance with the production capacity, so there is no reason for the market to raise or reduce prices due to balanced conditions.

In economic activities carried out on the market, this balance has an important role to control prices, so that prices will not occur too high or too low, and both sellers and buyers both benefit from the situation.

This is what is needed, a market balance and is characterized by a curve that intersects between demand and offers.

Some things will affect the balance process or so called ceteris paribus. This process is very important to determine whether the curve will be balanced. And make requests and offers that occur in reasonable and normal conditions.

How does the process occur in the market balance?

Some things certainly affect the process of forming a balance on the market. The balance will occur due to several things that have influenced the market. Here are things that can affect the occurrence of a balance.

1. Sales provide goods as requested

The task of the seller is to provide goods tailored to the request that is on the buyer. If the items are provided too much. Meanwhile the buyer purchase rate decreases, an imbalance will occur. Even influencing the existing market prices.

Therefore, to create a balance on the market it requires goods that are in accordance with the buyer’s request. Marked with the same amount at a time. So the price remains normal, it does not experience a surge in price or price decline.

2. Stock items according to buyer’s offer

In getting a price agreement, the buyer will offer sales. The buyer will also buy stock of goods from the sale as needed. If both parties agree to the prescribed price agreement, the price is called the balance price.

In addition, the available item stock will be constant at that time, according to what the buyer needs and is available to the seller. If the stock of goods is lacking, even rare, the buyer will have difficulty getting goods, this will also affect the price.

3. The balance of demand and availability

The buyer’s need for goods on the market makes the seller must ensure the stock of merchandise continues to be available in a certain period, and does not add the amount of availability of excessive goods. So when the buyer does request against the item by not changing the number of requests, the balance occurs.

It also affects the price of goods on the market. The price of goods will be adjusted to the buyer’s request and deal from the seller. By paying attention to the same price and the same amount, the balance on the market happens well.

4. The similarity of the number between producer’s stock and consumer demand

At an effective level of marketing, the manufacturer will sell its items with existing stocks. Every day the manufacturer will not increase the number of stock items. Meanwhile consumers also make requests for goods according to the number as usual. If this happens continuously means that the balance on the market is ongoing.

This happens and affects market prices. There is no reason for producers to raise or reduce prices. Because there has been a balance and prices remain constant as usual.

By understanding what the process occurs in creating a balance on the market. So in the world the market itself has several balance functions that affect the business world.

Price determination

In its simplest form, constant interaction between buyers and sellers allows prices to appear over time. Often it is difficult to appreciate this process because the price of most of the goods produced is determined by the seller. Buyers can receive prices or do not make purchases.

While many consumers might bargain about prices and they have no influence on prices. However, if all potential buyers do bargain, and no one receives the specified price, the seller will quickly reduce the price.

In this way, collectively, buyers have an influence on market prices. Finally the price is found that allows the exchange to occur. Rational sellers will take this step further, and collect as many market information as possible in an effort to set prices that reach a certain amount of sales at first. So that the market functions, the effective information flow between buyers and sellers is very important.

Determine the market balance through price

The equilibrium price is also called market price because at this price it is the right value to carry the manufacturer to the market that contains target consumers, and there will be no ‘leftover’.

It is efficient because there is no excess supply and wasted output, or the shortcomings respond to prices efficiently. This is the main feature of the price mechanism, and one of its benefits is to create a market balance

Function of supply and demand for market balance

In the business world the influence of balance on the market is indeed very necessary. Why? This is so that the price stability and business people occur no losses in carrying out their business. In this case, the balance on the market itself is influenced by demand and supply between producers and consumers.

The important role of the balance in this market is divided into two parts, namely the supply function and demand function that occurred in the business world. These two things will be very influential in creating a balance level.

Meanwhile in the business world itself the function of demand and supply will have a comprehensive impact on your business finances because this is influenced by various factors to create agreed prices between producers and consumers.

1. Demand function

The function of this request is indicated by the number of requested items and other supporting factors. In this case it is also true with the law of demand that occurs in the market.

If an item occurs in demand price increases, the item will decrease. Likewise, if the price of the goods has decreased, the request for the item will rise dramatically.

To go to the direction of balance, there will be competition between consumers in getting goods. For example, if the item is limited, then the price will be boosted up so that the number of requests and supply is driven to the balance on the market.

The function of the request, there is a relationship between prices and the number of items that are always inversely proportional. There was a comparison when the price of goods dropped, the request would rise. Likewise, vice versa when the price of goods rises, the request becomes down. So to create a balance, a condition of business competition between producers and consumers will compete to get the item.

2. Function of the offer

The supply function is more emphasized in the relationship between the equation between the price of goods and the number of items offered by the manufacturer. The way it works is adjusted to the legal bidding. Where the increase in the number of items offered seller followed by the price of the bar on the market there was an increase.

Imbalance will occur when prices offered do not match each other. The higher the price of a stem will exceed the balance, there is a shift, the excess bidding occurs. The existence of the number of items offered exceeds the requested amount, this is one of the causes that occur in excess bidding.


In understanding the situation that occurs with the influence of balance on the market. So in carrying out a business require an understanding rate of an existing supply and demand. The bargaining process in the market world with the aim of close the price agreement which will create a balance of prices as well as the market balance.

Don’t forget to record every sale that occurs in your business, so you can do deep analysis and can ensure that the product you make does not exceed or experience shortages related to consumer demand.

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