Management concept: understanding and characteristics in business

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Management concept: understanding and characteristics in business

Management concept understanding and characteristics in business

Management is needed in all types of organizations whether they make computers or handicrafts, trade consumer goods or provide salon services and even in non-business organizations, on this basis management concept is needed

No matter what organization is or what is the purpose, they all have similarities – management and manager. Organizations that have achieved their goals by following the intentional process called management ‘. Management consists of a series of interrelated functions carried out by all managers. Let’s understand the concept of management.

What is the management concept?

Some general definitions of management provided by famous writers and thinkers are:

  • According to Harold Koontz and Heinz Weihrich, management is the process of designing and maintaining the environment in which individuals, who work together in groups, efficiently achieve the selected goals.
  • According to Robert L. Trewelly and M. Gene Newport, management is defined as the process of planning, organizing, immigrating and control of organizational operations to achieve the coordination of human resources and materials that are important in achieving effective and efficient goals.
  • According to Kreitner, “Management is the process of working with and through others to effectively achieve organizational goals by efficiently using limited resources in changing environments.

So management can be defined as the process of resolving something with the aim of achieving goals effectively and efficiently. Some important terms in this definition are:

  • Process: The process means the function or main activity carried out by management to complete something. These functions are planning, organizing, staffing, direction and control.
  • Effectiveness: Effectiveness is related to the final result. This basically means completing the assignment given. Thus the effectiveness of management is related to doing the right task, completing activities and achieving goals.
  • Efficient: efficiency means doing the task correctly and at a minimum cost. Management is concerned about the use of efficient input resources which ultimately reduce costs and produce higher profits.
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It is important for management to achieve the goal (effectiveness) with minimum resources, namely, as efficiently as possible by maintaining a balance between effectiveness and efficiency.

Management characteristics

Basic management characteristics are:

Management is a process-oriented process: an organization has a series of basic goals which are the basic reasons for their existence. Management brings together different individual efforts in organizations to achieve this goal.

Management is broad: activities involved in managing a company are common for all organizations both economic, social or political.

Management is multidimensional: Management is a complex activity that has various dimensions such as:

  • Job management: All organizations exist for some work performance. Management translates this work in terms of the goals to be achieved and establish a way to achieve it.
  • Management of people: Human or human resources are the largest assets of the organization. Managing people has two dimensions, namely implies dealing with employees as individuals with a variety of needs and behavior and also means dealing with individuals as a group of people to achieve organizational goals, by making their strength effective and their weaknesses are irrelevant.
  • Operations Management: This requires a production process that requires the flow of input materials and technology to change this input to the desired output for consumption

Management is a sustainable process: the management process is a series of sustainable, composite, but separate functions (planning, organizing, direction, staff placement, and control). These functions are simultaneously carried out by all managers all the time.


Management is a group activity: organization is a collection of diverse individuals with different needs. Management must allow all its members to grow and develop when needs and opportunities change must change themselves and their goals according to environmental needs.

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Management is an intangible force: Management is an incomprehensible force that cannot be seen but its presence can be felt in the way organizational functions.


Those are some important things in business, if you intend to build your business, you can apply these 5 tips so that your business plan is more planned and more mature.

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