Make Sure You Avoid These 3 Instagram Marketing Mistakes

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Make Sure You Avoid These 3 Instagram Marketing Mistakes 1

Make Sure You Avoid These 3 Instagram Marketing Mistakes

Make Sure You Avoid These 3 Instagram Marketing Mistakes 1

The existence of social media has now become an integral part of people’s lives. The main function of social media daily is as a means of interaction and getting the information needed. Instagram as a social media platform with visuals and information is one of the most popular netizens.

The statement made Instagram develop its application by creating trends and opportunities for the company. The aim is for companies to play a role by carrying out marketing strategies through the platform. However, even though Instagram is considered as an effective marketing tool and has a large audience, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to make a mature strategy. Instagram marketing planning is very important for the success of your promotion.

Often, businesses prioritize speed in making Instagram marketing strategies so they can be executed immediately. However, it turns out if you are not careful in planning, it can happen otherwise and cause the marketing strategy to be suboptimal or even unsuccessful. Therefore, this article will explain what mistakes you should avoid, so that your marketing is successful.

1. Add Followers Through Purchasing Services

The number of new businesses that use Instagram as a sales platform, makes them want to have followers in large numbers. So, it is not uncommon among those who use the services of buying and selling followers instantly. But unfortunately, these online businesses are often disappointed after buying their followers instantly, because the number of followers gradually decreases or even runs out.

Besides, running Instagram marketing through buying and selling followers services is considered inappropriate. Because the number of followers that are sold is usually random or not according to your target market. So, you will not get potential customers as you expect. Thus, the product sales that you are targeting are not achieved. Instead of buying followers who are considered less effective in marketing strategies, you better carry out efforts to get the first 1000 followers with the right strategy.

2. Not Displaying Optimal Quality Content

When opening an Instagram account, users will naturally consume tens or even hundreds of photos and videos with their captions each day. The amount of pictures and information they receive, not all of the messages conveyed can be understood well by the audience. In short, a lot of content is only briefly seen by the audience because it does not interest them. However, for content that attracts the attention and curiosity of the audience, they will automatically pay attention to the content and read the caption.

So the better and optimal quality of the content that you display, the higher the number of audiences who will pay attention to your content, so the promotion can be successful.

3. You Don’t Utilize Instagram Story

This Instagram feature is the most classy platform in the eyes of the audience. Instagram story will automatically delete every content within 24 hours. Therefore, you must ensure that you use it optimally and present the best content in promoting your product. For example, you can use Instagram stories to display the latest product teasers, announce discounts or discounts, product usage tutorials, and so on. This is considered to increase the interest of the audience included in the category of your target market.

If the better you use Instagram stories, the more likely you are to get new followers or potential customers.

If you have avoided Instagram marketing mistakes that might cause losses, it means you have anticipated risks for your business. So you can make the right strategy to increase sales of the products you have.

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