Make Money from Push Notification on Your Website

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Make Money from Push Notification on Your Website

Make Money from Push Notification on Your Website

Have you ever heard of Froggy Ads, or maybe you are one of the users? Froggy Ads is an advertising network that is entirely focused on traffic from push notifications.

However, before discussing further about Froggy Ads it would not hurt us to discuss a little about what is push notification. Most of you must be familiar with push notifications. Many website or mobile application owners use this notification feature to get more traffic to their website or application.

For those of you who don’t know, push notification is a small message that can reach an audience anywhere and anytime through their computer or gadget. The push notification is not dependent on the site, but is linked to the web browser and mobile application.

The push notification appears on the site user’s device when there is a content update or in accordance with the wishes of the website owner. Every time a user sees the notification, they will most likely open it and direct them to a site.

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In general, site owners use push notifications to increase website traffic. However, now the push notification can be a new source of income for website owners.

Froggy Ads feature

Before deciding to join Froggy Ads, make sure you know what features are on this platform. Following are some of the main features offered by Froggy Ads to their publishers:

1. Various Ad Formats

The notification system from Froggy Ads can reach desktop and mobile users. Currently Froggy Ads offers three ad formats that can reach desktop and mobile computer users simultaneously.

  • Mobile Push: from the name we know that the target of mobile push ads is mobile users, namely through notifications at the top of their mobile screens.
  • Web Push: web push ad target is a subscriber of a website through notifications in the corner of their computer / laptop monitor even though the browser has been minimized.
  • Rich Push: this rich push ad further explains the contents of the notification because it contains images and adverbs.

2. Easy Registration Process

Froggy Ads is not like other advertising networks that ask website owners to enter a lot of information when registering. After the registration process is complete, you can take the available code and place it on your website.

How to register is very easy:

  • Please register as a Froggy Ads Advertiser.
  • Create your user name.
  • Fill in a valid email address.
  • Enter your password.
  • Click Sign Up
  • After succeeding, you will get a personal dashboard to make further settings.

3. Real Time Statistics

On the Froggy Ads dashboard page, publishers can easily see real-time statistics. This really helps you to track the daily performance of the website and calculate income.

4. Quality Advertisers and Safety

According to reviews from several sites, there are currently no suspicious advertisers on the Froggy Ads platform. They are very strict in maintaining the advertising platform ecosystem.

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5. Advantages of Froggy Ads

  • Landing pages with a clickthrough rate of up to 15%.
  • Receive advertisers from all countries.
  • The script is easy to apply on all types of websites.
  • Income with CPA, CPC, CPV and CPM.
  • Get 75% revenue from each ad click.
  • Flexible payment method. You can use payment options via Paypal, WebMoney, and Epayments.
  • Three push notification ad formats for monetizing traffic.
  • Reliable advance payment.

After a long explanation above, questions will arise. Is Froggy Ads feasible to be applied to your website? For a blogger, of course the income from push notification ads is worth considering.

But of course you are the one who can judge and determine according to the current condition of your website. However, monetizing push notifications on your website will be a unique concept where Froggy Ads is present as a fast growing advertising network.