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What is your company model and how do you earn money?Rubicon Project is the realm’s largest unbiased sell side advertising platform, following its recent merger with CTV leader Telaria in April 2020. The agency provides global publishers with the era and expertise to monetize their top class content material and knowledge across all screens and formats, adding laptop, mobile, audio and CTV, in a transparent atmosphere. In addition, the area’s most popular agencies and types trust Rubicon Project’s platform to access brand safe, high high-quality ad inventory and execute billions of ads transactions each month. Rubicon Project is a publicly traded agency NYSE:RUBI established in Los Angeles, California with global workplaces across North America, EMEA, LATAM and APAC.

Does the inventory you own or access include UGC content material?We are very cautious about user generated content which will deliver the safe environments that buyers expect, and do not allow stock where user generated content material poses a high risk. We do have some inventory in our trade that contains some user generated content material, adding top rate news sites with reader comments and likely amenities where we are confident the inventory made accessible in our exchange has been accurately curated for brand safety. As with other inventory, sites or apps with UGC needs to be authorized by our highly knowledgeable inventory nice team. What brand safety measures do you employ?At Rubicon Project, we’ve built trust with our brand and agency clients who depend upon us to supply the highest quality stock and powerful brand protection functions. At a platform level, we now have strong brand safety criteria that we require publishers to stick to, built atop a basis of transparency. Our stock first-rate team manually reports publishers, sites, and apps for compliance with these checklist, rejecting stock it is beside the point or offensive, exhibits hate speech, comprises apparent pirated content material, or poses other significant brand safety risks.

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For buyers with distinctive brand safety necessities, we’re happy to interact without delay to aid deliver access only to suitably curated stock.