Magnite Inventory Quality Guidelines Rubicon Project

Maintaining the exceptional of inventory available for sale during the Magnite structures is critical for Magnite to be in a position to offer protection to its buyer and seller companions and make sure that each one parties are compensated fairly for any transaction over the Magnite structures. In order to give protection to this industry, sellers making inventory accessible over the Magnite platforms including publishers, networks, cooperatives, exchanges, or some other resources of commercials stock are required to adhere to those Inventory Quality Guidelines the “Guidelines”. Please review these Guidelines cautiously, and note that Magnite may, in its sole discretion, update these Guidelines at any time–it is your responsibility to ensure that you adhere to these Guidelines adding any updates hereto. If you’ve got any questions about these Guidelines, please contact your Magnite account manager.

All information you deliver in connection with the Magnite platforms needs to be correct and comprehensive, including any descriptions of the qualities of the stock and associated data, and can not be misrepresented in any way. Without dilemma, this means inventory attributes, adding referring URLs, app store identification data which contains but is not restricted to app bundles, app names, store IDs, and store URLs, ad formats, positions, placements, and sizes, client traits IP addresses, user agents, device IDs, geolocation data, and Payment ID pchain or Supply Chain Object schain data, must be correct in ad requests you send to our platforms. However, masking low order bits of IP addresses, restricting precision of geolocation suggestions, or other redaction as strictly necessary to keep away from the transmission of PII is acceptable. You may not omit any obligatory suggestions.

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