Luxury: Not for Consumption but Developing Extended Digital Self Varsha Jain,

Luxury intake has grown exponentially around the globe. This growth was fuelled more by the emerging non Western international locations akin to India. Consumers during this nation are more tech savvy and are a new set of individuals who are totally alternative from the old, traditional consumers of the Western international locations. These new individuals devour luxury to develop their electronic self. Unfortunately, this area is not researched in the literature.

This article fills this lacuna in extant literature. To address this issue, we comprehensively reviewed the existing research from the world of luxury intake, electronic usage, digital self and in consequence constructed a conceptual framework. This framework has three stages: person who has interpersonal, power, symbolic and emotional needs; social size that’s formulated and develops from the reference groups. Further, people grow the ‘we method’ together with social groups. This method is linked to strong ties, fortified nods, useful interactions and exclusivity.

These points end in the advancement of electronic self that provides happiness and delight to the people in terms of luxury consumption.

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