Loyalty Program Success Guide.

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Email Marketing has finally come into its own with Forrester research reporting that email marketing spend grows 10% year over year. Since its introduction email marketing as a channel, has always been effective, although, the undeniable fact that it has been seen as being a “cheap” channel has definitely hindered its positioning in the promoting mix, greater than helped it. Because of its cheap status and unusually enough, as it is an effective channel with very little effort being invested into it, brands have formerly been reluctant to invest money into arising email into being the robust, necessary channel that it is today. Recently the Small and Midsize Business email Marketing Survey found that 56% of businesses say they plan to increase their use of email advertising in 2013. This obviously, brings us to one of email advertising’s many strengths – retention advertising and marketing.

Admittedly, retention advertising isn’t as sexy as acquisition advertising and marketing and frequently gets forgotten or de Zaznacz Podgląd XHTML Zapisz‑prioritised when budgets and methods are allotted and deliberate – but let’s face it – here is where a lot of the low putting fruit is. Not only that, but everyone knows that it costs far less to maintain a buyer than it does to acquire a buyer. Retention advertising is where it is relatively easy to upsell and cross sell using email to drive more revenue. This is where relationship advertising steps in and email advertising shines.

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