LiteSpeed Web Server Pricing LiteSpeed Technologies

If you use one of our software merchandise reminiscent of LiteSpeed Web Server or LiteSpeed Web ADC, we may compile bound tips regarding such software and regarding the server upon which the program operates. This counsel includes: a the licensed or unlicensed status of the application; b the source from which the license for the software was received i. e. , LiteSpeed or a LiteSpeed affiliate; or c guidance in regards to the server upon which the application is put in including i the public IP tackle, ii the running system and iii the use of any virtualization applied sciences on such server a through c collectively, “Server Information”. Additionally, “Server Information” may include counsel collected from you by LiteSpeed in the development that you request technical assist facilities adding without issue, IP addresses, usernames, and passwords essential to login to SSH, the basis directory of the server upon that you put in the LiteSpeed software and any affected money owed including email accounts, manage panel money owed, MySQL money owed, CMS accounts and other bills.

LiteSpeed Web Server, OpenLiteSpeed, LiteSpeed Web ADC, and associated software may record IP addresses as part of normal logging. An access log and an error log may record visitor IP addresses and URL visited. The logs are stored in the community on the system where LiteSpeed server program is put in and are not transferred to or accessed by LiteSpeed personnel in any way, except as necessary in providing activities technical assist if you request it. This logging may be turned off via configuration. It is up to particular person server administrators to come up with their very own schedule for disposing of such logs from the file system.

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