List of Unofficial Sanctions on Nigeria – Latestnaijagist

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List of Unofficial Sanctions on Nigeria – Latestnaijagist


The Russia Ukraine war is on, and the Russia has been sanctioned by Usa and other international locations of the earth, officially Russia is below rigid sanctions. Correct in this article in Nigeria, the region has plenty of sanctions, which you could possibly not discover, hence its unofficial.

1. Nigerians simply cannot use PayPal.

2. Nigerians can only access $20 a month (intercontinental shelling out limitations pity)

3. Nigeria isn’t permitted to buy certain armed service equipments.

4. Nigerians no extended have entry to deliver funds abroad by using MoneyGram or Western Union.

5. Nigerians can not trade crypto lawfully.

6. Nigeria will under no circumstances get license from IAEA to investigate nuclear electric power vegetation.

7. Nigerian banks mainly will not make it possible for Immediate Currency Conversion for intercontinental ATM/ website purchases.

8. Nigerians will hardly ever see KFC or McDonald’s established up shop in their nearby neighborhoods.

9. Nigerians will constantly seek the deal with of Britain right before she elects political leaders to her greatest workplaces.

10. Nigeria are not able to offer her oil to nations the US forbids her from providing to.


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