List of Ad Networks That Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

With a currency like Bitcoin, if a person pays you $100 worth of BTC, that isn’t $100. If Bitcoin goes up tomorrow, that $100 should be would becould very well be worth $120. If Bitcoin goes down, suddenly you were only paid $80 to your services. Bitcoin is an insanely risky commodity, and extremely few businesses are looking to have any colossal amount of it accessible at any given time. It’s a recipe for disaster; one crash can cause a serious loss in value.

A bank account doesn’t do that. Most of the smaller cryptocurrencies are in a similar way volatile, though their swings are smaller simply because of the economic scale they’re operating on, since not anything has taken off quite a similar way as Bitcoin. To close out this post, I want to elevate one issue that a variety Bitcoin focused ad networks are encountering. Bitcoin requires a verification with the blockchain to verify any transaction moving BTC from one wallet to an alternate. With a standard bank, these forms of confirmations are processed by the thousands and thousands every hour and are essentially immediate. With Bitcoin, on account of the style the blockchain works, confirmation times are likely to drag out.

In fact, confirmation times have been spiking since the start of the hot year, where it could literally take hours and even days for a transaction to complete, wherein time the worth of the currency can have modified enormously.

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