Line Business as a Platform to Increase Sales

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Line Business as a Platform to Increase Sales

Line Business as a Platform to Increase Sales

Every businessman strives to reach customers using multiple platforms. Some are through the marketplace, social media, and messaging applications. One of the trends among business people is Line Business.

Since its presence in Indonesia, Line has tried to attract as many new users as possible. The features that are prepared are similar to applications such as Facebook or Instagram.

Users can upload photos, videos, or text. Then for users who have your account, they can like, comment, or share.

Not only that, like on Whatsapp, Line also provides a call a phone feature or voice recording so you don’t have to bother typing messages.

To make it more attractive, Line also added unique stickers. Users can even create their stickers with terms and conditions applied.

The diversity of features took Line users by storm. Recorded in June 2020, its users reached 160 million. This figure is divided into four major countries in Asia: Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia.

So, it’s not surprising that from the download data on the Play Store, Line is in third place. Thus, apart from crossing to various countries, the market for sales is very wide open for business people.

After understanding the features of Line, how do business people use Line Business to increase sales?

Line Business

Before going any further, you need to know that there are three types of Line Businesses. First, Line Business Account. Second, Line @ for small businesses. Third, Line Official Account for large-scale companies.

Line Official Account

Every businessman can create a Line Official Account. However, there are three levels you need to know. First, the account is not verified. Second, a verified account. Third, a premium account.

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The three accounts have different colors. Gray for unverified accounts, blue for verified accounts, and green for premium accounts.

Apart from color, customers are spoiled for convenience, especially when you choose a premium account. Customers only need to find your name or account ID then register your account.

Unlike the unverified accounts, it will be very difficult for customers to reach you.

For a wider reach to customers, business people usually use a premium account. There are various price options and feature compatibility. You can sort and choose and then get paid each month.

Finding Customers on Line

The uniqueness of the Line Official Account is that you cannot import contacts that have been stored on your phone.

Then how do customers know your account?

Line Business has three ways you can connect with customers. First, using a QR Code. This method is increasingly being found considering the cellphone technology that supports these features. Second, Chat Links. Third is the Website Button.

The three of them are very supportive of the use of Line Business. Both you and the customer will be easily connected, especially when your product brand has won the hearts of customers.

Sending Messages to Customers

The most anticipated is how to promote products to customers. Line Business presents three ways.

1. Messaging

Of course, sending messages personally to customers is something that needs to be done. However, in Line Business, customers are conceptualized to start the conversation first.

Providing fast and precise response is the key to attracting customers’ hearts. If that happens, make it happen in the form of a transaction and customize it with an easy payment method.

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2. Broadcasting

In order not to waste time and save energy, sending chain messages or broadcasting makes it easier for you to reach customers.

Prepare compelling sentences. Determine the target because Line Business has limited contacts.

3. Group Messaging

What’s interesting is the ease of providing promotions or making offers via group messaging. You will connect with customers in the group. Automatically, relationships will be built and that is good for business development.

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