Lesser Known Google Adwords Alternatives That Don’t Hate Affiliates Monetise

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As every affiliate marketer knows, Google doesn’t just like the advertising of affiliate offers via its Adwords platform very much. In fact, if there have been to be an alien invasion focused on its Mountain View campus and only a solitary ‘Googler’ survived, I can well-nigh assure that that person’s first priority can be to disapprove affiliate related Adwords campaigns. It’s an argument, as a result of there’s little question that Google Adwords site visitors is highly prompted, and might provide the good conversion rates available if controlled quite simply. The good news though is that Adwords has become synonymous with high click costs, driven up by hungry corporate ads budgets, and the ensuing cost per conversions can be as high or higher than different traffic sources.

Make no mistake – there are hundreds of ad networks accessible see some of them here, to come with some fairly horrendous site visitors assets I have determined not to call names, but if you put money into a decent monitoring platform, it’s not that onerous to check where the junk traffic comes from. Imagine a cornucopia of pretend site visitors, inaccurate targeting, brand destroying placements and you are someplace near the nice of traffic to expect from some. However, through these murky, sludgy money pits, there is great to be found. Also, the list does not cover mobile true traffic sources that I will cover one after the other over a higher few weeks. If you are not already buying traffic into mobile optimised affiliate offers and/or cost per set up offers, you must start now!enroll in our blog by adding your email to the box on the correct hand side of this page for future guides and updates.

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Sitescout is a highly available self provider DSP demand side platform ad network that integrates with all of the major ad exchanges adding Facebook, allowing you to buy banner media buys on the websites or mobile app’s of your choice. Sitescout has very granular targeting and also offers viewers building through retargeting and then the concentrated on of your viewers lists on a run of community basis. ZeroPark is an ad network that openly promote their willingness to work with associate dealers. ZeroPark focus essentially on traffic that hits parked domains and is then redirected in your touchdown page, with over 16 million domain names currently included in their supply side inventory. They also offer CPV popup advertisements options that I am yet to try but have heard some superb things about.