Learn Marketing Strategies on Social Media to Build Your Business Brand #1

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Learn Marketing Strategies on Social Media to Build Your Business Brand #1

Learn Marketing Strategies on Social Media to Build Your Business Brand 1

I will say it plainly:

Social media is a marketing tool that is exaggerated.

Take a look at the statistics, it looks incredible …

In 2015 there were 38 million internet users in Indonesia, 79% of whom actively used social media at least once a month.

A lot right?

But in practice this is not the case.

Most people who do social media marketing hand over during a matter of months. Because there are no positive results they get to the business.


Wait a minute … I straighten before the protest.

Social media marketing is not bad. Many people fail because it is very easy to get caught in the wrong lane when utilizing social media.

This is what is usually done (and taught):

  • Create an account, decorate it with photos & complete the profile
  • Make an interesting post to get like / share

That is not enough. Very not enough.

So that your efforts aren’t vainly please continue reading. In this guide you will learn what a true social media marketing strategy looks like.

Determine ONE major social media

One, no more.

Why only one? Isn’t more is better?

It is true. Ideally the more we appear in front of others, the sooner we will be known.

But there are a number of considerations to think about:

  • Time
  • Cost
  • Human power
  • Science

If you don’t have a problem with all four, please choose more than 1.

Social media marketing is not simple. Not just posting funny tweets or uploading meme pictures. And most significantly , it’s not automated from social media A to B.

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In essence, you as a new player will not be able to be directly active in many social media at once. This will only have a bad impact.

Therefore, select social media based on:

  • Size: bigger is better, but not necessarily
  • Audience: where the majority of the people you are targeting
  • Content: effective place for videos, pictures / texts, text is not the same

Let’s discuss them one by one.

Facebook occupies the very best position as social media with the very best number of users, followed by Twitter.

Facebook is the most superior social media compared to several other rivals.

Does this mean that Facebook is the best?

It could be … but not necessarily.

Size and age are indeed 2 main factors in determining social media for marketing purposes. In this case, Facebook and Twitter are superior.

But this is often still influenced again by your audience and industry.

To further ensure your choice, let’s check out the characteristics of every social media:

Use Facebook if

You do not want to bother.

Almost most are on Facebook in various interests and ages. Most likely your target market is additionally on Facebook.

But because of the huge volume, Facebook has a strict filter. Organically, only less than 1% of people who follow your Page will interact.

Therefore, you might rely heavily on advertising.

In addition, the sort of content on Facebook is more diverse. There are many choices ranging from just text, images, videos and links. If you use Facebook, it helps you not focus on just one type.

Use Twitter if

Your target market is young.

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Like the chart above, Twitter is more popular in the age group of 18-35 years. More than that, very rarely use Twitter.

On one hand, Twitter users are more interested in short, casual content. On the other hand, many Twitter users prefer links to websites.

So, look again at what you are marketing and what your content looks like.

If what you are promoting can be consumed in 140 letters or can attract other people to visit your website, use Twitter.

Because there is no filter, reaching followers on Twitter is easier than Facebook. Therefore, the frequency of content on Twitter should be above Facebook.

Use Instagram if

What you market can be presented in beautiful photos.

If you cannot provide beautiful photos or if something you are marketing cannot make photos, don’t use Instagram.

The age group on Instagram is also currently lower. Based on the graph above, Instagram users in Indonesia who are more than 45 years old are almost non-existent.

Instagram is straightforward to manage with Facebook or Twitter.

This is because most of the content on Instagram is only in the form of images. Images that you upload on Instagram can be reused for content on Facebook or Twitter.

In addition, the extent of interaction by followers on Instagram is far higher.

Use LinkedIn if

You are B2B, business to business. Not B2C, business to consumer.

In other words, use LinkedIn if your target market is business, not individuals. This is because LinkedIn is full of professionals and business owners.