Learn Brand Advocacy Marketing from 3 Big Companies in the World

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Learn Brand Advocacy Marketing from 3 Big Companies in the World

Learn Brand Advocacy Marketing from 3 Big Companies in the World

Learn Brand Advocacy Marketing from 3 Big Companies in the World

Do you know how many consumers talk about your brand with others in a positive light? Have you used this information to support increased sales, brand engagement, or attract new clients?

Over the last few years, brand advocacy marketing has become an important factor in the development of a brand and its ability to remain relevant in its market niche.

What is Advocacy Marketing?

Simply put, marketing advocacy is getting your existing customers to share their positive experiences with others. Your marketing effectiveness will increase by about 54% when advocacy is used. This makes brand advocacy marketing one of the most affordable ways to bring in more consumers at a very low cost.

To give you a clearer picture, here are the brand advocacy marketing strategies used by 3 big world-class companies:

1. Advocacy Marketing Tesla

Tesla found a great way to mobilize their loyal customers to attract more clients. Not just any client, but people who view the Tesla brand positively. This happened because the person who attracted them was someone close and happy with Tesla.

Tesla implements a referral package that provides big discounts to existing customers and invited people. Both will receive a $ 1,000 discount on purchases made.

Not only that, but Tesla also offers something more interesting. If existing customers attract 10 people, they get the right to purchase a limited series of SUV Model X which is not sold to the public. What’s more, the first person to do so will get a free vehicle.

2. Advocacy Marketing Starbucks

Advocacy marketing from Starbucks is called Tweet-A-Coffee. The idea is pretty simple – consumers can purchase $ 5 worth of gift cards for friends via twitter. Consumers only need to mention @tweetacoffee and the person who will receive the gift card. The first 100,000 people who join the program will also receive gift cards worth $ 5 each.

Apart from being a lucrative strategy (generating approximately $ 180,000 in sales for Starbucks), it also allows Starbucks to identify brand advocates and potential customers (over 27,000 participating brand advocates).

3. Apple’s Advocacy Marketing

Apple is known for being a brand that values ​​user-generated content highly, and it’s no surprise that their marketing advocacy relies on it. They call it “Shot on iPhone” – which requests photos from iPhone users from all over the world.

Apple asks its users to share photos they take with the iPhone on social media using special hashtags. Apple will then select the photos that get the most likes and display them in public places such as public transportation and billboards.

Of the many photos posted by users, Apple took pictures of 77 people from 24 countries to be displayed as advertisements without going through the editing process. It aims to maintain the originality of the photo and is compatible with “Shot on iPhone”.

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