Lead is: understanding and effective way of getting leads

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Lead is understanding and effective way of getting leads

Lead is: understanding and effective way of getting leads

Lead is understanding and effective way of getting leads

Basically, leads are people who have been indicated by products or services from your company, both because of the way you market it or because of the quality of your product or service.

For example a simple, you can do an online survey to find out more information related to how to take care of the car. Then, you receive an email from a car company that conducts surveys from their website related to how they can help you take care of the car.

For this reason, it will not be possible for them to contact you just without having to know if you are interested in car maintenance activities.

Car companies about you from the answer survey will help them to become more familiar with opening communication in meeting the needs of clients who are considered potential.

Many marketing experts around us who share tips on how to increase leads, including the way and the most effective media to be able to find potential customers.

Social media becomes a medium that is very important when we discuss the best ways to improve leads and sales or find new customers.

However, a study found that the media platform as well as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest was not very effective in producing high-quality lead sales.

On the other hand, even though the trade show and webinars are classified as good for a particular organization or company, but more people like LinkedIn and Facebook. But the point is, when we discuss the lead generation, there is no one method that can be suitable and appropriate to run by all companies.

So, what is the best way to determine what method or media is best to get new customers? Find the answer by reading the article about this lead to completion.

Definition of Lead is

So, simply leads are those who have great potential to be processed into customers. Generally, they will be asked to be able to leave certain contacts in order to be contacted freely. With a contact that the company can send information related to promo or release a new product.

But, lead can’t be obtained easily. You need a lead generation to be able to get a more quality lead. So, lead generation is a process of attracting many people and processing it into your customers. Some ways in obtaining lead generation are through blogs, freebies, coupons etc.

Effective way to get leads is

After we understand it together about the meaning of leads, then we must know the best and best way to obtain leads. The one to obtain leads is as follows:

1. Make landing page

Landing Page is a special page on your company website that has form-shaped forms to collect leads. Generally, this page also contains complete information related to the product or business offered by the company.

By creating a landing page, you can get a lot of leads. With a website that has a special page, then your efforts in obtaining leads will be elegant.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to get leads continuously. Why? Because your landing page will continue to be on the website without time limits. All you need to do is direct each audience to visit your website and landing page.

This strategy is also considered very flexible to be combined by obtaining other leads.

2. Share eBooks

You can get leads by creating an ebook and share it for free to your potential customers. This method is the most used method by B2B business.

This is because the B2B business generally will not occur in one meeting only, and because business transactions in it are very large. So, it takes a rather long time so that buyers believe and bribe to buy or use services from the company.

Ebook can be like “souvenirs” for your potential potential customers. By sharing an ebook, you can leave the impression as a trusted business, most experts and also have a good reputation. What’s more, if you have a very technical business nature.

So, every prospective customer can obtain added value and also new knowledge related to the business you are running. In order for your ebook, you can more in demand by potential customers you can follow the following tips.

  • Choose a more specific topic. If you have several product lines and services, then don’t rush to include all topics related to one book. This is done so that you can get more leads and also more specific.
  • Make an outline to map ebook content. In order for written content it can be easier to understand the reader, then make sure to map content in sequence, logical, and good.
  • Ebook design with an interesting look. An interesting ebook display will be able to help readers in enjoying the content you serve.
  • Add some decorative elements on the ebook. Place pictures, photos, quotes, data, diagrams or any elements to add aesthetics. It would be better if you change the entire decorative element to help readers in understanding the ebook content.

If your ebook is able to meet the element above, you just live, and you will get leads from those who are interested in your ebook.

3. Freebies.

Freebies is a deliberate content and shared content free. However, this content is different from blogs or videos. This freebies can usually be downloaded and also printed on paper, such as worksheets, checklist, ebook, short guide, ebook, posters, and much more.

When compared to how to obtain leads through an ebook, this freebies can be said to be more effective. Because, you can make a content in a shorter period. Certainly, this content format will also save more energy.

Because, you can spend more time and your energy to get more quality lead traffic.

4. Create Premium Content

If you have super quality content and have a loyal mass base, then you can make premium content. This method is guaranteed to be able to bring high quality leads. Because, they are in accordance with your target market.

This strategy is actually more done by several news portals and online magazines. Especially by media based on foreign countries or who already have an international network. However, it has not been done much in Indonesia.

5. Give the Subscribe Content Option

This method is mandatory for you to try, especially for those of you who have run blogs to do business. By giving up an exclusive content update, you will get the name and e-mail address of each visitor easily.

In addition, you can also add subscribe forms on each page of your blog content. So, every visitor will always be offered for the blog subscribe. So, the possibility of being able to get leads will also get bigger.

6. Provide Live Chat on the website

The live chat feature is also apparently not only useful for the credibility of a business and does not just make it easy for buyers to contact you. There are other reasons that require you to add this feature to your website. Because, this feature is also capable of adding your leads, especially if you provide a contact form.

7. Take advantage of social media

Business to be able to obtain leads you can also do by utilizing social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The requirement is that you must have added value or exclusive content that can attract prospective customers.

Afterwards, you can make an announcement content on social media. The contents of the content can inform you that you want to share something exclusive content for free. How, they just have to give an email address.

If you want to get more leads, you only have to add certain requirements. This strategy has been widely used by large companies to obtain many leads.


Thus the explanation of us about leads. So, we can conclude together that leads are those who have great potential to be processed into customers.

The best and best way to improve leads is to create landing pages, distribute ebooks, distribute freebies, create premium content, provide content subscribe options, providing live chat on the website, and utilize social media.

You can combine the way above in order to get leads to the maximum lead. So, your company’s business advantages will increase quickly.

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