Lead Generation: Definition, Strategy, and Process in Marketing

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Lead Generation Definition Strategy and Process in Marketing

Lead Generation: Definition, Strategy, and Process in Marketing

Lead Generation Definition Strategy and Process in Marketing

Basically, Lead Generation is one of the important parts of the digital marketing strategy that must be understood by each marketer.

This term must be familiar to you who have just studied Digital Marketing, but only meaning that might still be confusing.

Well, on this occasion, we will explain various things about the lead generation, starting from understanding, strategy, to the process in marketing.

What is the lead?

Before we discuss deeper about lead generation, then we must first understand what leads. Reporting from the Hubspot page, Lead is those who are interested in products or services offered by a company brand.

Simply put, leads are prospective consumers or people who have the potential to become customers or consumers. In order to obtain leads, Lead Generation is needed so that this potential consumer can be converted into consumers or customers.

Types of Lead

Basically, leads consist of four types, namely:

1. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)

Still from the Hubspot page, there is also explained the Qualified Lead marketing is those who have interacted with the promotional material that your brand has done before. Generally, they have accessed the landing page on your website.

So, the Qualified Lead marketing group is those who already know the products or services you offer, but are not ready to make a purchase.

When compared to other types of leads, MQL is the most prepared group for the prospect of being a customer.

2. Sales Qualified Lead (SQL)

Qualified Lead Sales are those who clearly have an interest in becoming a customer who wants to spend money on the product or service you offer.

A simple example of SQL is those who have filled out forms or ask questions related to product or service from your brand.

3. Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

Product Qualified Lead is those who have tried your products for free and have an interest to make payments or use premium services.

4. Service Qualified Lead

Similar to the product Qualified Lead, Service Qualified Lead is also a prospective customer who has tried services for free which is generally often called the term free trial. Then, they have an interest in being able to get the full feature.

Why is the lead generation important important?

We have explained that lead generation is one of the marketing marketing marketing strategies. Why? Because without the lead generation, sales in a business will be difficult to develop.

The whole business requires a good lead generation so that it can continue to obtain consumers or customers and ensure the product or service is sold.

Today, we can find many businesses that focus on developing this strategy as part of the circuit in its digital marketing strategy.

Lead Generation will ensure that marketing efforts on your business, such as efforts to advertise on social media, SEO, or do cooperation with influencers, etc., are not in vain.

Every traffic that you get from each marketing strategy must be able to try as well as possible so that it can be more successfully converted into consumers.

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Lead Generation Types

1. Telephone

One of the very extraordinary methods of draining and very full of challenges is collecting telephone every prospective consumer and giving their best offers.

Generally, the obstacles faced are telephone disconnections when you are providing information related to your product. For that, it would be nice if you make a promise before doing telephone activities so that your prospective customers don’t feel disturbed and the response they will give will also be good.

2. Do the product exhibition

The concept of this one leads marketing is very good in terms of providing opportunities to be able to obtain prospective customers. Why? Because it is usually done through an event or exhibition held outdoors or outdoor.

This will give a relaxed impression and not force it. Product exhibitions, promotions or collaboration activities with certain events will be faster in terms of increasing ratings from visitors.

In addition, visitors who come will also have the potential to purchase more products. However, the risks in this type of lead generation are the need for high costs to rent a place.

But you don’t need to worry, you can cover these costs when you get other benefits, such as increasing relations automatically, profits from direct sales, or can obtain resellers.

3. Online system

Today, we must admit if internet marketing services such as via blog, website, social media or online advertising promotion are indeed increasingly popular. In fact, there are several companies that cooperate with Digital Agency so that the digital promotion can be in accordance with the plan and can obtain a predetermined target.

Getting leads from activity and also applying digital marketing is a good thing and has a long-term investment for your business. Why? Because it has a very broad and unlimited range of certain areas.

What’s more, the level of internet users in Indonesia today includes a lot, especially users who like to access social media. In addition, you can also save more promotional costs, energy and time in managing advertising.

Lead Generation Process

1. Get Lead

Lead Generation is a series of processes that begin by inviting leads to your website. You can do this by making interesting content. You can publish various content in social media in various forms, such as blog post, photos, infographics, ebooks, etc.

The important thing to note is that the content must be in accordance with the business and also the type of audience you want. Maximize the use of social media to bring leads on your site.

When leads are already interested in the content you make, then point them to fill out the form or register so you can get their information contact. In this way, then you have obtained a new lead.

2. Build a relationship with LEAD

After successfully obtaining leads and making them part of the lead management system or your email list, then the next thing you have to do is build a good relationship with them. This is very important so that the lead you have obtained into a purchase.

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Efforts to build relationships with lead or lead nurturing can take a month or even more than a year. For that, you must be patient.

3. Lead value

Assessing LEADs is one of the processes in the lead generation carried out by understanding what is more important to prioritize than others. Leads that have frequent interactions with your business have more value and also have to be encouraged to become customers.

Don’t forget to do an analysis of the increase or reduction in every lead during the lead generation done to better understand the process for the better. The information contained in it will also be very useful to improve the ongoing lead generation strategy.

Continue the construction of relations with each lead that has a high value so you can focus more on lead generation which is more effective and also on target.

4. Convey leads to your sales team

The main task of the marketing team is obtaining leads, maintaining a level of interest leads with company products or services, and also build relationships with leads in order to be increasingly interested in making purchases.

In addition, the process of the lead generation will also be forwarded to the sales team that focuses on moving interest in leads in order to change to customers.

When the lead has been completed, the sales team has responsibility in maintaining them every time. For this reason, the collaboration carried out by these two teams will be very important.

5. Evaluation of the Lead Generation Process

The process contained in the lead generation must be ensured as effectively as possible in getting new leads, and changing it into a loyal customer. Evaluation is very important to do when the company obtains lead generation or not getting it.

There must be something that can be developed and repaired so that the lead generation can become more effective and also more efficient. One of the evaluations of lead generation is by monitoring several specific aspects, such as on traffic, the time that consumers need on your site, conversion rates, etc.


Thus the explanation of us about lead generation. So, we can conclude that the lead generation is a series of activities carried out in order to convert lead to consumers or customers.

This must be done by each marketer that conducts marketing activities in order to achieve sales targets. So, companies can be more successful and advanced, which will automatically have an impact on every employee.

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