Lead and Sales – How do you improve both?

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Lead and Sales – How do you improve both?

Lead and Sales How do you improve both

Lead means people who are indicated are interested in the product or serving your company either because of the shape or way you market it.

For example, you fill online surveys to know more about how to take care of the car. Then you receive an email from a car sales company that holds a survey on their website about how they can help you take care of the car.

There’s no way they just contact you without knowing that you are interested in maintaining a car, right?

From a business perspective, information collected by cars about you from the answer survey will help them become more personal in opening communication to meet the needs of potential clients.

Marketing experts share tips on increasing leads, including the best ways and media to find potential customers. Social media is an important consideration when talking about the best way to increase leads and sales or find new customers.

But, the research found that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, were not too effective in producing quality lead sales.

On the other hand, even though trade shows and webinars are good for certain organizations, many prefer LinkedIn and Facebook. In essence, when talking about lead generation (interesting process and changing unknown people and then pronounce it into leads), one method is not always suitable for all.

So how do you determine which method or media is best to get new customers? By testing several lead generation strategies and measuring the results.

To make this task easier, marketing and sales experts share information about the lead generation method with the best results for them or their clients. Here’s the top suggestion about where and how you can find new customers.

Get Lead and Sales from customer referrals

Dogs become the best friends of humans and diamonds to be the best female friends. But customer referrals are the best friends of a company.

Nothing is better than obtaining sales leads from customers who feel happy. What’s more, you will get extraordinary credibility because you are recommended by the people they know and believe.


The best way low costs for IT companies or B2B-based service companies (business-to-business) to get leads are through Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

PPC and SEO are the most effective way to produce leads because when someone needs IT services, they go to Google and find information about IT companies. Sometimes 90 percent of customers go to Google first.

To increase the effectiveness of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and PPC campaigns, use the Long-Tail keyword phrases, the high target and usually consist of 3 words or more.

Long-tail keyword phrases generate targeted traffic because of their specifications, and less competitive compared to shorter search terms, which tend to be higher volume and more competitive.

In terms of SEO, consider something educative, something that the audience can take benefits. After you identify the target keyword, create content with these keywords. You will be surprised how fast you are in search engine rankings and start generating traffic and leads for the keywords.

Cross-Promotion and Co-Marketing

Consider allying with non-competitive vendors to exchange leads, promote products and services, or do many activities that provide mutually benefit.

The lead generated from the above activities can be very good, sometimes almost the same quality as customer referrals. But there are also shortcomings, regulating such alliances takes not a few times and the flow of lead cannot be predicted.

Provides useful content

According to Google, Tech Buyers need an average of 14 online content before deciding to buy, while the usual buyer is only 8 to 10 content.

Companies that produce informative and educational content can produce leads in the purchasing process and set the stages to finally win the business. The key is to avoid purchases.

By offering information that is useful in the form of blogs, ebooks, webinars, case studies, or demos, you can win the trust of prospective customers.

So speakers at trade shows, conferences, or industrial events

The best lead generator is giving a presentation on an event and following up with letters, telephone, or email on the individual you meet there.

Speaking at an event immediately gives you names and recognition, which is separating and highlighting you from hundreds of vendors or other service providers who try to attract customer attention.

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And by following up on the person you meet at the event at the right time, you remain in the top position.

Use LinkedIn

A customer study shows that traffic from LinkedIn produces the most visitors to the conversion rate (2.77 percent), almost 3 times higher than Twitter (0.69 percent) and Facebook (0.77 percent).

What exactly does LinkedIn as a source of leads for IT companies and other professional service organizations?

First and most important, LinkedIn has a high percentage of professionals, so you may relate to people in your target audience higher than some other channels.

What’s more, LinkedIn makes it easier for you to see and contextualize what potential buyers are talking about, then you can quickly adjust the content on the LinkedIn company page.

But be careful not to lead to hard sell. Focus on creating relevant content that can be shared and suitable for potential buyers.

Infographics, fast tips, and examples of executive success in their industry are good examples of how to interact in LinkedIn groups to produce leads and establish closeness with customers.

Use Twitter

Use Twitter to increase product sales or services, and use the hashtag so that potential clients can find you. You can also use Twitter to find potential customers with Malacak Signal Purchases.

For example, if you sell cars, find individuals who are looking for car recommendations by typing relevant search terms such as “car recommendations” or search for the “#Mobil” hashtag or create your hashtag.

Provide contact information on each website page

Now the search engine becomes very important for website traffic, and you cannot always predict where people will enter your website. Including contact info on each website, the page will increase the likelihood of people contacting you.

Provide Live Chat

By adding Live Chat contacts on the website, you can get quote requests from customers quickly. This is a profitable technique, especially for customers who need quick answers without the need to get caught up in telephone talks with sales parties who force selling their products.

Viral video

Create viral videos and then publish on YouTube or better on YouTube and your site. On the video page, make a deal for the next video.

Buy some PPC ads on Facebook, not to promote your offer, but promote your video. People usually like to be entertained, so make sure your video content is very entertaining, don’t just teach about something.

Don’t make a bad ad and post it on YouTube. What people need is entertainment. To allocate more time to develop brilliant ideas to promote your business and approach customers.

After downloading the video, you can make it viral with services like StumbleUpon to get traffic to the video and get money from every visitor watching it. Video sites like YouTube let you put a link directly to the video. Use this link back to a specific landing page on your website.


This method is good for B2B companies or businesses that move in a very technical area because people like to read and add expertise about their industry.

Make sure you don’t promote your service or product. People don’t want this, what they need is information. So write an ebook with a neutral perspective and give the reader chance to do an action. Share eBooks through social media and ask your network to share them.

Make sure you have a landing page setting that makes visitors enter the name, email address and telephone number to download the ebook. You can make pages like this with tools like Unbounce.


If you don’t have a newsletter, you will lose one simplest way to get more leads. Make sure you place the signup part for a newsletter in each area that allows and makes sense on your website.


Blogs are the best tool for lead generation that you can use, because not only make companies or individuals have full control of what is said but also creates an opportunity to get full attention from the reader.

Make sure your blog is optimized to get a lead by having a sign-up for your newsletter. Use margins to promote your products and services, but don’t make all blog contents about you, give real value to the reader.


Infographics may be used over the past few years, but people still share them and still read them whenever they can.

Infographics are also quite cheap produced. Just look for original ideas (but not about you), use good but affordable graphic design services, and share infographics on social media and ask your network to share it too.

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You can send infographics about your industry to be published and always place the Logo and website URL at the bottom of the infographic. That way the reader can visit your site.


Webinars are easy ways to convey your message to thousands of potential customers. Many services allow you to broadcast webinars quickly and easily. And if you make it a regular event, you will continue to grow followers.

So look for a good idea to help customers and promote using your social media, network, and newsletter. At the end of the webinar, don’t hesitate to ask people who are present to download the ebook, register for the newsletter, or visit your website. All of this will make the lead flow more.

Strong branding

Customers like authentic companies. They like it if the company has a strong and clear message, and the message is consistent with all marketing platforms. Customers want the best company in Industry. Focus on communication through branding and the conversion rate will rise, thus producing more leads.


Who doesn’t like to win a prize? A giveaway is an interesting way to get leads. Only with the terms of contact information, your brand can connect with the winner. In addition, you can also gather the information you are looking for in lead generation.

The giveaway is quite simple. Customers can participate in your giveaway by providing contact. Share information about your giveaway on social media to make more people enter your giveaway. That way you just created a machine to generate leads until the giveaway ended.

Most brand plans very well about what they can offer as a gift. But if you don’t have much time, you always have your ebook as an additional gift. You can implement giveaways with other types of content. Tell the audience if they will enter the Giveaway after providing contact information.

This is a nice little incentive to get people to sign up on your email list.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a way to get a wider audience and build a personal brand and email list simultaneously. When publishing a guest post for another blog, you will get a link to return to your website.

The optimal way to utilize this link is to not give a link to your main page, but the optimized page on your website, so you capture the maximum number of customers.

Assistance from influential people

Find people in your niche who have a bigger audience than you and find ways to help them. When you have special skills, offer to help those who have a large audience. After you help them, ask their help build your list by telling their audience about your newsletter.

There is a reciprocal psychology element that works here. Because you have helped people before you ask for this, chances are they will fulfill your request.

Make a quiz

Who thinks that you can use a quiz to get a lead? Quiz is very popular on social media, so why not use it?

A fun quiz and you are closer to the audience. You can create a quiz about your brand. You can even change the quiz into an assessment test and see how much audience you know about your brand or product.

If you want, you can cover trending topics, but the quiz about personality is the best because it is common on social media. Usually, knowledge tests that judge how many people know about certain things are quite good, but most audiences will feel more pleased when doing a quiz personality.

Why? People usually want to hear good things about them. A personality quiz aims to drive the ego of various audiences based on the results they get. Of course, if they feel happy with the results, they are more likely to share them with family and friends.

Whatever quiz type you choose, the question, the image included, and the results will attract your audience. As many as 96 percent of people complete the quiz, so you’re looking at a relatively large possibility of producing leads this way.

So now we have known some smart ideas to generate leads from your online marketing campaign. You have many choices and some of these ways can be combined in other ways. If you are indeed focused on this, consider the above method for your sales strategy.