Kpop Balding : 5 Reasons With List Of Bald Idols

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Kpop idols who are famed for their hairstyles are getting bald.

Why do Kpop idols go bald?

Over styling Features Excessive Hair Color & Severe Warmth.

Kpop idols usually change their hairstyles. They routinely transform their hair color. They also bleach it quite typically. It is 1 of the explanations behind hair tumble.

In accordance to Dermatologytimes.

  • Combing and rubbing hair although applying hair dye loosens the hair
  • Hair dye made up of ammonia can loosen hair for the duration of the telogen period of the hair development cycle.
  • Hair dye really weakens the hair shaft that increases hair breakage causing hair to tumble.

In addition to it, idols use extraordinary warmth to their hair. They use scorching combs and chemical therapies to straighten and curl their hair.  This final results in dry and frizzy hair and in the end the hair fall. Some of the side consequences of hair straightening are:

  • Dry and frizzy hair
  • Hair Breakage and break up finishes
  • Dullness & Itchiness
  • Hair Texture alter &
  • Everlasting hair decline


Heredity is the most frequent trigger of hair decline. Just about every man and girl experience hair decline as they age, But individuals with hereditary complications knowledge more hair reduction.

According to Koreabiomed,

Male hair gets to be thinner from mid 20s while female hair becomes thinner  in the very last 40s. By the age 50, they expertise some degree of hair thinning.


Idols have to live a nerve-racking daily life. According to Koreabooidols mainly have to deal with psychological worry, such as hectic schedules and hateful feedback.

A psychiatrist at Asian Professional medical Middle, Kim Byung-soo, claimed in an job interview with The Korea Herald that emotional instability and separation of identity are generally the main leads to for idols’ melancholy.

In accordance to Forbesworry disrupts the regular hair growth cycle and prospects to hair loss. This backs up by Harvard quoting, continual strain has a negative influence on hair follicle stem cells, leading to hair decline.

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Lack of Vitamins and minerals

Kpop idols need to adhere to Korean natural beauty standards to glance trim and slim. They are encouraged to starve on their own. They are put on an severe diet program.

In an interview, Lee Ji-Eun unveiled that she only consumes an apple, two sweet potatoes, and a protein shake bottle a day.

This helps idols to preserve their pounds intact.

In accordance to Jakartapostperhaps they could search slim and slim they will endure from hair decline, weak immune program, and loss of muscle mass mass.

Vehicle-Immune Disorder

Some of the autoimmune health conditions that direct to hair reduction are:

  • Alopecia areata
  • Alopecia Universalis
  • Psoriasis
  • Lupus

In accordance to the 1st Nationwide Health and Diet Evaluation Surveypersons who go through from Alopecia areata are .1% to .2%.

In Korea, organic household solutions and Korean purple ginseng are properly regarded to be productive for hair loss.

7 Kpop Idols Heading Bald


In an interview, Yoona admitted that her hair was so harmed that she could not brush it. She also disclosed her bald patches on major of her head.

Red Velvet Irene

Red Velvet Irene was usually dyeing and bleaching her hair. As a consequence, she suffers dry hair, split end, and hair slide. Now she wears wigs and hair extensions for performance. She also cuts her hair shorter to take away broken hair.

EXO Chanyeol

Exo chanyeol is suffering from baldness. In one of his performances, he has been witnessed with a bald top rated. It has been stated that it is because of to strain. Others also claimed, he often dyes his hair and is the final result of it.

Shinee’s Minho

Shinee Minho has been seen with a receding hairline.


IU confessed to Sports donga that she is struggling from hair loss though making ready for her next album. She uncovered that worry brought about her hair reduction.

Winner Track Minho

Winner Music Minho claimed on the tvN “New Journey To The West” that he is struggling from hair loss and he possesses a lot less hair than the other customers who are older than him. The cause he says of his hair reduction is bleaching.

BOB Peniel

Bob Peniel confessed that he is suffering from accelerated hair reduction. The purpose driving hair decline is Alopecia. He missing patches of hair and is not sure if the hair would regrow. Because of to these patches, he shaves his hair and wears a hat.


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