Knowing the tasks and responsibilities of marketing in depth

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Knowing the tasks and responsibilities of marketing in depth

Knowing the tasks and responsibilities of marketing in depth

The Marketing or Marketing Department plays an important role and task in promoting the business and mission of the organization of the marketin task as a face of your company, coordinating and producing all materials that represent businesses.

It is the task of the marketing department to reach out prospects, customers, investors, and / or communities, while creating a comprehensive image that represents your company positively.

In many companies, the department is changing to a kind of department, they do a lot of tasks in many cases not being interrelated with each other.

The company without a marketing department or at least the department responsible for marketing cannot be imagined. All companies realize that they need to convey their messages to clients through the Marketing Department.

In this post, we will discuss the duties and responsibilities of the Marketing Department. All have crucial interests in ensuring the survival of your company.

Marketing assignments in the company

Depending on your company, the task of the Marketing Department can include one or the following:

Define and manage your brand

This involves defining who you are, what you stand for, what you say about yourself, what you do and how your company acts. This, in turn, determines the experience you want to have by your customers and partners when they interact with you.

1. Conduct marketing campaign management

Proactive marketing identifies products and services that are focused during your sales cycle, and then produce material and communication that spread the news.

2. Producing marketing and promotional materials

Your marketing department must make material that explains and promote your core products and / or services. They must always be up-to-date because these products and services develop.

3. Make content and optimize the search engine (SEO) for your website

Your website often becomes the first place (and maybe the only one) where people are looking for information about you.

Your marketing department will be responsible for maintaining the latest web content, while also working to ensure your site appears quickly when someone searches for your type of business.

4. Monitor and manage social media

Marketing must contribute, manage, and maintain your social media pages. It also has to manage accounts and carefully pay attention to what you posted about you online.

5. Producing internal communication

Your employees need to understand your company, values, targets, and priorities. Marketing is often responsible for employee communication through bulletins and / or intranets.

6. Acting as a media link

When your company is quoted in the media, a member of the marketing department often acts as a spokesperson of your company, or guides executives on how to respond to media questions.

7. Do customer and market research

Research helps you determine the target market and opportunity and help you understand how your products and services are seen.

8. Establish cooperation with vendors and outside agencies

Marketing is usually responsible for choosing and managing agencies and vendors that produce marketing material and / provide marketing support. This may include advertising agencies, printing vendors, agencies or PR specialists, web providers, etc.

Responsibilities of the Marketing Department in Business

1. Listen to customer requirements

To establish a marketing strategy, it is important to be closer to the client and listen to know what their needs are. This is the duty and responsibility of the Marketing Department to plan the means needed to receive customer feedback:

  • Company Internal Channels: Create surveys or extract information from the sales team and customer support (the department closest to customers) that may be relevant to improve or direct marketing strategies in the future.
  • Channels outside the company: do searches and make actions on social networks that help to better understand the needs of users, to turn it into customers.
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2. Trend trends and monitor competition

Similar to previous points, it is important to know the company’s position related to markets and competition. That’s why from marketing, you must always monitor the competition to learn what they are doing well or to identify their mistakes so they don’t fall into it.

3. Value of work and brand

Conceptually, the brand is a representation of the feelings indicated by the product, service, and value of the company. The marketing department is responsible for creating and distributing images, messages and ideas that best communicate brand values.

4. Search and use a new (and useful) marketing tool

Always updates in all things that regard the field of marketing is a must. That is why our marketers must be aware of new trends, strategies, and digital devices that arise from time to time.

At present there are three types of marketing tools that must exist in each marketing department:

Product management tool

There are many types of product management software depending on the routine of your product management. This can include a tool for project tracking (such as Trello or Slack); Knowing user feedback, which is useful for collecting customer shows (tools such as surveymonkey, useful Canny); And of course, analytical devices such as Google Analytics (famous globally) or Kissmetrics, which is a must to determine the success of our products and web areas with the largest or lowest interactions.

Marketing Automation Tool

The power of the “all in one” platform is the possibility to manage and control all of our digital marketing strategies processes. These tools include the possibility of creating content, landing pages, email marketing, parenting prospects with automatic workflows, CRM, etc. Hubspot is the perfect example of a complete marketing automation tool.

Product information management tool

Maybe you have never heard it before, or maybe you know him as a PIM or Product Management Software. This digital solution allows you in real time to collect-to-analyze-distribute all of your product content on all platforms, markets and channels where products are published.

In addition, it has become the right tool for manufacturing and renewal of sales material: Catalog (online & offline), price list, etc. The possibility seems unreal, but this offers more benefits and benefits for your marketing team.

5. Coordinate efforts with company marketing partners

Around Business Marketing There are many contributors: publisher, designers, journalists, consultants … The work of this contributor must be in harmony with the company’s goals, and the department itself must control it to do so.

6. Innovation

Customers must be interested every day and given the many offers that occur in the marketing world, they will be more demanding. The Marketing Department must work on new promotions, affiliate programs, customer retention techniques, improvements in their message conversion and actions.

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However, do not let you create interference or spamming actions, the Department of Marketing’s responsibility is to find innovation in small details and in sustainable improvement.

7. Communicate with all companies

This is also a duty and responsibility of the Marketing Department. The company is a chain of members who pursue shared goals: to fulfill their mission and maximize their profits while respecting the principle of business ethics.

The whole chain will be weak if one of the fragile chains. Imagine if the coils or production department does perfect work, but if the marketing department fails, the entire company will fail and the efforts of other departments will be in vain.

That is why the marketing department must ensure that their actions are in line with the overall purpose of the company and that they report the work they do.

8. Helps improve the sales and customer process

As mentioned above, it is the responsibility of the marketing department to find out users and especially customers’ feelings.

A good way to get to know customers more is that all departments that have more direct contact with customers must work with empathy maps.

9. Manage ROI’s Marketing & Calculate Budget (Return of Investment) of the Company’s Actions

Like other divisions, the marketing department must be able to plan its budget for next year’s activities, develop it to maximize it, to ensure a positive ROI.

Because as you know, marketing activities are investment in time, money and energy. And like every investment, measurement measurements are needed to check whether they fulfill the intended goals and to compare certain actions with others.

You will always be faced with questions like ‘Should I invest in telemarketing, social media, traditional media …?’ The answer is unique: Measure everything and choose based on the numbers.

10. Determine a strategic marketing plan

The most cost-effective strategy is a planned strategy for the long term. To do this, you must compile a document that explains the objectives to be achieved in the following months; the action to be carried out; company strength; A competition; target market.

In addition, the strategic plan must also be harmonized either with the company’s strategic plan and with other department plans.

In the end, planning is the only way to achieve a set goal.


By reading the tasks and responsibilities of the marketing above, you might start thinking about making a good marketing department and an effective marketing plan to generate sustainable profits

In addition, the thing you need to pay attention to in building a successful business other than doing good marketing stratigi is to manage the correct and appropriate financial.

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