Knowing Customer Insight to Increase Sales

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Knowing Customer Insight to Increase Sales

Knowing Customer Insight to Increase Sales

Good business is one that grows with customers. As a businessman, you must understand customer insight or in other names, customer insight. What do customers want? Product quality or affordable price?

These questions often conflict with your business interests. When you want to improve product quality, the price is increased. However, when prices are lowered, inevitably the quality of the product will be lower.

You don’t have to worry if you understand what the customer means. Are customers looking for your product because of product quality, price, product brand, or packaging design?

So, what is needed is that you can analyze through customer insight.

Whether online or offline stores, large or small scale, customer insight needs to be done before promoting a product or brand. This is because customer insight is the ability of a businessman to understand customer needs from customer behavior trends, both during and about to make a transaction.

Customer insight is done using research. The digital age makes doing research easier. You can apply questionnaire-based research via Google Form. So, it doesn’t take long for customers to fill it.

The research aims at obtaining customer data, knowing the profile of each customer, understanding how to transact customers, and researching customer needs. Later, you can find out the motivation of the customer in deciding whether to choose product A or B.

From this research, you have many benefits including; increase sales, strengthen relationships with customers, and understand the costs incurred by customers every time a transaction.

Besides, through customer insight, you can also understand whether the products that you have launched so far have been able to have a positive impact or vice versa. So, you can determine the sales strategy for the next period.

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After you have collected data through a questionnaire, try to analyze the data with your team. Look for what your business lacks. Is it product quality, service, or price?

From there you know how to develop the next business. For example, doing door to door promotions or Whatsapp Business. Besides, don’t forget, even though the research is based on customer needs, you will still highlight the identity of your product brand.

Furthermore, what is the function of customer insight in increasing sales?

1. Monitor Customer Activity

Monitoring customer activity is part of the research. The search is not difficult. If you sell products through a website or marketplace, from there you can find out what customer activity is.

Does the customer choose a product than make a transaction? Or do customers just search without pressing the buy button? It could be that the customer chooses, then puts it in the basket, but does not immediately make a sales transaction. All three can be monitored in real-time.

2. Customer Criticism and Suggestions

Business people who want to grow, of course, want to accept criticism and suggestions from customers. Not all products can satisfy customers. Likewise, sometimes the service you provide to customers is not optimal.

Then, the customer complains to you. So, what you need to do is accept complaints gracefully. Besides, customer persuasion to provide suggestions for your business to improve in the future.

3. Strengthen Relationships with Customers

It is undeniable that customers are the spearhead in increasing sales to your business. From customers, you can find out what is the superior product of the business. Besides, you also understand weaknesses in business.

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So, the most important thing is to maintain and strengthen relationships with customers. Give discounts, vouchers, or coupons for customers who are loyal to your business products. Customer needs go hand in hand with increasing sales of your business.

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