Knowing Consumer Insight for Better Business

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Knowing Consumer Insight for Better Business

Knowing Consumer Insight for Better Business

A successful business is a business run by prioritizing customer needs or called consumer insights. The purpose of this concept is to create a conducive and profitable climate between sellers and buyers. By applying the concept, business people can build consistent interactions with customers.

Get to know the concept in business

In the world of important businesses applied Insightful concepts that provide information about complex problems experienced by an object in depth. According to the meaning in general, Insight is brilliant knowledge that appears suddenly.

If associated with the business world, Insight is associated with customers or customers who are objects in business. Consumer Insight is a process of finding out about how more intense thoughts, deeds, and customer behavior.

Consumer behavior is associated with advertising products and communication which is the basis of this concept. With this Insight concept, companies can test the results of service creativity and product development. All of these are done to approach the needs and desires of consumers of the product offered.

In business, consumer insight is only a concept and guidelines in developing marketing and advertising strategies for services or products developed before. This concept can also be used as a way to obtain existing consumer data.

Consumer Insight Basic Components

In general, there are 5 basic components in the concept of consumer insight that must be known. This component helps companies determine the various actions taken to consumers. Starting from determining consumers to be contacted until the effective way of communicating with customers to get a positive response.

1. Data collection

Data collection is the most important component in this process. Data intended is data that contains customer desires from products or services that are marketed. Each business actor who wants to communicate with consumers either must collect data on the wishes of consumers to see their insights.

2. Data analysis

The second component that is not less important in Consumer Insight is data analysis. Data analyzed is data on consumer desires that have been collected from the previous process analyzed in such a way. Consumer desire data analysis aims to see what most consumers need so that the company easily takes the right action.

3. Optimization

Stepping into the next process is to optimize the data that has been analyzed before. Optimization aims to provide an overview of what actions will be taken to meet consumer needs and desires. This process can be said to be the first step carried out by the company to realize consumer insights

4. Campaign Management

The fourth component in consumer insight is campaign management related to advertising or promotional processes. This process can be said to be a company promotion media to meet customer needs. This campaign or promotion contains matters relating to consumer insights on services or products offered.

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5. Personalization

The last component of consumer insight is personalized. After making a series of previous processes, the company can step into the next stage called the personalization stage.

Personalization is the process of modifying or making something characteristic of a company. This means that companies may make products based on consumer desires but not to leave the company’s identity.

Forming consumer insight.

In the business world, consumer input and insight is an emotional link between products and consumers. Companies not only need to determine targets and segmentation but characters through brand design and packaging products are important for understanding consumer emotions.

The brand of a product is a good picture or poorly marketed product or service. One product must be made to feel consumer emotions when viewing these products or services.

For this reason, each component of the manufacture of brands and packaging from the product must be truly noticed to establish consumer emotions with a product. Companies must add emotions according to targeted consumers or targeted.

Important thing in Consumer Insight

The next discussion is an important thing that must be considered in consumer insight when doing business. Through a previous discussion it can be seen how important components of consumer insight to provide information about consumer needs to the company. From the process the company can take appropriate steps in addressing consumer needs for markets marketed.

1. Data and input

In running a business, consumer data is an important and main thing that must be considered by the company. It is important for companies to create the best plans for their customers so that the products offered can meet the wishes of consumers,

Not only brand managers as the person in charge of making brands, but everyone in the company must join to form an insight. However forming Insight is a shared responsibility for all the communities in a company.

2.Insight is very important cultivated in a company

The application of this concept in a company is something that is very important to do. However the insight of consumer insight is needed by the company to form good relations between companies and their customers through understanding of consumer desires.

For this reason, every company should have a special division that handles consumer data management well. Although it is said that consumer insights are shared responsibilities but special divisions are still very necessary.

The presence of managers can be a way for companies to collect various information related to relevant consumer insights. This helps the company in taking appropriate action.

3. Insight will not be useful without exact action

The biggest challenge to be faced by the company in managing consumer insights is how they take the next action. Although information about the needs and desires of consumers has been collected, the steps to make this information clear and easy to understand are difficult.

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This information will be processed by the marketing team but if the information is not clear especially analyzed it will be difficult to take action. The marketing team will not be able to plan and implement a marketing strategy if the information is incomprehensible. In addition, the company will be difficult to make a real plan to attract consumers.

4. The method of ethnography is the most appropriate

The business world is a tight fighting arena with many competitors in the same field. For this reason, the application of consumer insights is needed to attract consumers by understanding their needs.

The right method in this case is the ethnography method to find out the needs of consumers through deep search. Ethnography helps companies find and find consumer insights, what consumers need, to what they do through direct observation.

Through the ethnography method, the company will obtain more incight information seen from a consumer perspective. It is difficult for a company to win the battle without consumer insight to find out consumer needs.


The presence of Consumer Insight in a business is a very important thing especially in the present. Links between consumers and companies are very important to be built so that companies can meet their consumer needs. Through this concept, the company will easily get ideas and take appropriate action for customer satisfaction.

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