Know What is the Difference between Native Advertising and Sponsored Content

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Know What is the Difference between Native Advertising and Sponsored Content

Know What is the Difference between Native Advertising and Sponsored Content 1

Native advertising began to be known and became popular since 2013, along with increasing consumer interest in adblocker applications. The types of digital advertisements previously considered to have an interruptive display, causing marketers and publishers to feel uneasy as ad users. Responding to this, native advertising also emerged as an innovation and solution for digital advertising.

In native advertising, there are various kinds of advertisements that can be applied. Native advertising is said to be a form of paid content that is presented similarly to media content and its placement area. One type is sponsored content.

So from this explanation, it can be concluded that native advertising and sponsored content are indeed different, because in native advertising several strategies can be applied such as native ad and programmatic native ad, and sponsored content is also a part of it.

Sponsored content is a form of advertisement designed by content creators or publishers through specific formats and certain qualities. For example, what we often encounter is in the form of articles, photo content, and videos. So, it is less precise if sponsored content is interpreted as a type of in-feed advertisement as shown on Facebook or Google. Because the content is included in the category of native ads and not sponsored content. For example, an article contains content about marketing strategies, but in the end, it lists certain e-commerce brands. Content like this is a product of sponsored content.

In addition to the explanation about sponsored content that has been explained above, there are also other ways, namely by utilizing an account that has an influence or commonly known as an influencer. Usually, for the use of sponsored content this type is intended for social media platforms.

Influencers also have various types based on the number of followers they have. Marketers can choose the type of influencer following the conditions of the company, budget considerations are usually important things that must be considered.

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If you pay attention to the implementation of sponsored content, the audience will feel this content feels more natural in delivering marketing messages. Because it is packaged based on the relevance of influencers used before the content is presented on their social media. Content that is part of this type of native advertising, is considered more effective because it can attract the interest of the target audience that you set.

Therefore, if a certain target audience already has trust in influencers holding the related brand, they will tend to like it. This can happen because of the convenience of consuming content that is served using language styles according to the target audience. So, it can be said that the content with the presentation is the characteristic of sponsored content. Therefore, as a form of native advertising, this type of content should be easily recognized.

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