Know what interpersonal skills and how to increase it

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Know what interpersonal skills and how to increase it

Know what interpersonal skills and how to increase it

Understanding the importance of interpersonal skills in community life is the key to the success of each individual in social life and work. People tend to be interested in individuals who have good interpersonal skills, this certainly has a good effect on these individuals to build relations with others and compiliate themselves in the community.

Interpersonal capabilities are one way to represent yourself in front of clients, friends, family, and others. High interpersonal capabilities increase one’s success because they are used to solving conflict and problems in the surrounding environment.

However, interpersonal skills are not like hard skills that can be measured and certain. Interpersonal ability is included in the soft skills group that is not visible and does not have a definite measuring instrument. Before diving in interpersonal capabilities, you should first learn the understanding of interpersonal capabilities.

Understanding of interpersonal skills

In theory the definition of interpersonal skills is the expertise that an individual has to relate and interact with others, this applies to both the community and individuals.

The role of interpersonal expertise is very large in aspects of community life. Usually soft skills such as interpersonal expertise accompanied by HardSkill are the key to each individual’s success.

High interpersonal capabilities can also function as a portfolio to enter a company. People who have good interpersonal skills are considered more able to deal with various situations and conditions in the surrounding environment.

Types of interpersonal skills capabilities

There are various types of interpersonal expertise that can be increased and studied over time. Sometimes interpersonal expertise can be learned from everyday experience that gives new grades and lessons for each individual to adapt.

The following are various types of interpersonal capabilities that are often used in everyday life:

  • Conflict management
  • Listen
  • Conflict solution
  • Communication
  • Creative thinking
  • Leadership skills (leadership)
  • Solve the problem
  • Patience
  • Diplomacy
  • Mediation
  • Networking
  • Teamwork
  • Responsibility
  • Negotiation skill
  • Respect
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration capability
  • Build a team
  • Persuasion (persuasion)
  • Feedback & receive feedback properly

Function of interpersonal skills capabilities

The function of interpersonal capabilities is quite varied and wide for various types of situations and conditions. For example for the scenario of school life and work. This function has more or less the same effects for various situations and conditions.

High interpersonal capabilities allow individuals to handle and solve problems in organizations without having to panic and are responsible for their mistakes. In addition to organizational activities, high interpersonal abilities tend to make people become reliable and trustworthy individuals.

As for career life, interpersonal ability increases the success of the career life of the individual. A worker who has good interpersonal skills can attract consumers with persuasion and charm.

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Not only that, the individual is also able to resolve conflicts and find solutions faster than people who do not have good interpersonal skills.

Of course components of interpersonal abilities which are most importantly in everyday life are communication. Effective communication is able to solve problems in diplomacy and convey messages without offending anyone. Not everyone is perfect and has good interpersonal skills.

Individuals who have good interpersonal skills are able to give and receive constructive feedback without feeling offended. Not only that, people who have good interpersonal skills are able to complain from other people in following an activity or buying a product. This quality is certainly very important in the world of career and organizational life.

The importance of increasing interpersonal skills

After studying the function and understanding of interpersonal skills, it is necessary to learn how to improve the interpersonal skills of each person. Unlike hard skills that can be trained regularly and can be measured, interpersonal skills cannot be measured by the help of measuring instruments.

Interpersonal ability goes into a soft skill, so the method of increasing is not visible and tends to be uncertain. If confused, method and how to increase interpersonal skills are in the following list:

  • Smile, a smile that brings energy and a positive aura makes other people comfortable.
  • Appreciation, appreciate others in various ways. For example, such as listening without interrupting or appreciating the administration of others.
  • Attention, observe and look at the needs of others. What things make their feelings be happy or sad. If the person has difficulty, provide assistance and suggestions.
  • Communicate good, being a positive communicator can arouse the spirit of others and instead it is easily approached by others. In addition, effective and good communication makes it easier for submission of problems and solutions.
  • A good mediator, a good mediator starts with positive communication. If there are problems or conflicts, do not look from one side but look at the many sides to determine which option is best to take.
  • Align, try understanding and empathizing with others who have problems and problems, rather than criticizing and underestimating.
  • Work well, don’t avoid the word ‘cooperation’. Cooperation is the key to building constructive and good relations. Avoid gossiping other friends when working together, so that other people are comfortable working.
  • Don’t complain, complaining, but excessive complaints only provide energy and a negative aura towards others. Instead of feeling Iba, people will not sympathize.
  • Being an entertainer, there’s nothing wrong with being a comforter in the midst of exciting conversation. Being humorous and funny increases successful communication and association. In addition, people will assume friends because they look easy because of humorous and funny.
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Above is an explanation of the meaning of interpersonal skills and various kinds of functions for life and community. But it doesn’t stop there, everyone needs to learn how to increase interpersonal skills that have been studied and done.

Maybe increasing the soft skill sounds difficult because it’s uncertain and can’t be measured, but over time, everyone changes everyone. Of course this depends whether he turns better or become a worse person. The scope of association also has an effect on the ability of interpersonal skills.

Bad social scope cannot increase interpersonal skills well, unless the person is confident that he is not easily influenced by bad association. Be a person who has high interpersonal skills, this makes it easier in job searches, go to school, and relate to others.

The majority of companies are looking for people with high interpersonal capabilities to become their workers. The reason is because of communication and soft skills are effective and can be used for various situations. That way, people who are accepted to work there are expected to be able to face various conditions and situations that arise in the work environment.

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