Know what 3D Secure is and its benefits in online transactions

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Know what 3D Secure is and its benefits in online transactions

Know what 3D Secure is and its benefits in online transactions

E-commerce users globally must be familiar with the term 3D Secure. But the fact is there are still many people who are very unfamiliar with this term. 3DS stands for Three Domain Secure.

When someone wants to make a transaction on an online shopping site and use a credit/debit card, the system will ask for an OTP or One Time Password. OTP will usually be sent to the card owner’s cellphone number or via email. So that only the owner of the card in question can find out the OTP code.

What is the purpose of using 3DSecure? Of course, to protect the security of your customer transactions. Because transactions or shopping online have the risk of piracy or hacking, so that your customer data can be stolen and misused.

Before the implementation of the 3DSecure security system, a large number of credit cards had been compromised by hackers using various techniques and methods.

Advantages of Using 3D Secure in Online Transactions

Acrot systems is a company that started developing 3DS. With the 3DS, this credit card burglary crime has been successfully minimized.

Acrot Systems as a company that has contributed to developing this technology understands the big gaps in the online transaction scheme. This security gap makes a lot of people the victims of the hackers’ crimes, leaving them with credit card burdens that they should be able to avoid.

With the 3DS, this security gap can be closed. However, you still have to be careful when transacting online. Never give OTP code to other people.

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This form of security has been recognized by the international community as a form of security that all e-commerce should have. Because information such as credit cards is very risky to be used by irresponsible people. Moreover, technology that is increasingly developing today also tends to make the hackers move easier.

So start to be aware of using 3DS for the sake of securing online transactions. Then amid the Covid-19 pandemic like now, the increase in the intensity of customer online shopping tends to increase. It is almost certain that hackers will increasingly search for new victims. Therefore, your vigilance should also be increased.

Hacking Mode

Many hacking modes can be prevented when you use 3d secure. especially online credit card data theft. The most common mode for hackers to steal this information is by phishing. This method is done by directing the victim to a link that is similar to popular sites such as social media. For example, with phishing sites such as

Pay attention to the link, if you are alert then you can see that it is not an official link from Facebook. Although this method is obsolete, it still takes its toll. So even though you have used 3DS you also have to be aware of the various possible hacks.

There are also other hacking methods done on behalf of your credit card customer service. They will ask for an OTP code sent via SMS. Note that the customer service of a credit card or e-commerce will never ask for a secret OTP code. It’s the same as asking for your account password.

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If you find anything suspicious like this, you better be careful and not take it any further. Or you can directly contact the credit card provider to temporarily block it.

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