Know the importance of the concept of marketing and its purpose in business

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Know the importance of the concept of marketing and its purpose in business

Know the importance of the concept of marketing and its purpose in business

What is the concept of marketing?

Satisfaction from customers or consumers is certainly one of the main goals of a company to realize the products or services as well as possible. If consumers can fulfill some of their needs through the product or service offered by the company, it means that a company has successfully implemented the marketing concept well.

The marketing concept itself is a philosophy that must be in a company or whatever type of business is run. This concept comes with five concepts that each have a goal. If all of these concepts can realize their goals, it can be ascertained that a company can continue and still get income or profits.

Various types of marketing and purpose concepts

The following are five important points in the concept of marketing and their destinations. The following five concepts have the main purpose that is none other than realizing the company that continues to run smoothly and not loses.

1. Marketing concept in terms of production

The first concept to be discussed in these concept points is production. In addition to being included in the marketing concept, production is also the first activity to be carried out by companies from the sustainability of the company or business. Especially if the company sells products, not services, definitely the production process will be absolutely done.

In the concept of production, it has been assessed that the easier a product is found because it can be found everywhere, the more people will buy. Sure enough, if people can search for products easily, there is no reason to choose a product that is hard to find.

Because of this, a company will try to produce as many products as possible so that it can be spread throughout the region and finally easily found by prospective customers.

2. The product marketing concept in terms of products

In addition to as much production as possible so that it can be easy to find, this product produced can also guarantee its appeal. There will be more people bought if a product has a good and interesting look. A convincing display will also make a product more selected.

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Apart from the visual aspects, the quality of the product itself must also be able to be chosen by the buyer which finally becomes a customer. Quality of products, quality, character, and good performance will certainly be more attractive to purchasing power.

3. Marketing concepts in terms of sales

The third marketing concept that is no less important and is the small determinant of the company’s profit is the concept of this sale. The greater the sale, the greater the profit achieved by the company.

The products to be sold are not only left in the store, but there must be a marketing team or promotion team that is ready to introduce the company’s products to the community or may persuade people to buy. Attractive promotional strategies can also affect purchasing power from a product.

4. Sexantness of social marketing

The marketing team from a company must be able to ensure how a product from the company is different and also unique. Products that can combine interesting and convincing appearance that the goods are needed to be a final goal for each company marketing team.

5. Global marketing

Through strategic management, the executive team of a company must understand what factors affect the marketing of a product. This last concept aims so that companies can remain beneficial for all parties who participate in the company and can provide interesting and useful products at once to consumers.

The importance of understanding the marketing concept

This marketing concept is very important known and understood by a company. Because in essence, the company after producing goods, of course they need good marketing so that the items they have made can sell are sold.Tharever sometimes at the production stage there are several companies that have designed their marketing concepts

Whatever efforts made by the company, companies must be able to realize a product that will meet the needs of the community. Not only meeting people’s needs, it will be better if the product provided is still interesting to be able to compete with products from other companies.

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Production, product, sales, social marketing, and global marketing, are points in the marketing concept. Each if realized correctly, surely the goal will be achieved. As for the main purpose of this concept, it is certainly in the form of an increase in the company’s income which comes from the many consumers who choose the product.

In addition, you also have to do correct books so you can monitor every transaction to develop your business. Bookkeeping is a business language, every type of business is required to have the correct bookkeeping to make it easier for you to manage and monitor business finances.

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