Know the function and type of packaging for product development

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Know the function and type of packaging for product development

Know the function and type of packaging for product development

Packaging is an important element in a product. It can even be sure none of the items that don’t have this element. Simple question is whether the buyer keeps buying a product that is not neatly wrapped? Certainly not! Therefore the name is packaging.

Talking ways about product packaging the impression is trivial. In fact, this production element has important functions that can directly affect consumer demand. Therefore, making the product without planning the concept of packaging is a very wrong thing.

Understanding product packaging

In general packaging is the creative design that contains shapes, structures, colors, images to typography of a product. This design is made so the product has a feasibility to be traded.

The packaging made with creative and good, will affect consumer demand. Which means that good packed products have a higher selling power than the perfunctory packaging.

According to other general understanding packaging is the product element that is first seen by the customer. It is expected that good packaging can stimulate consumer interest to buy the product.

This is the reason why the manufacturer makes product packaging not the same as other products. Both in terms of design, shape, typography and gradation of the color.

Definition of Packaging According to Experts

According to Klimchuk with Karasovec, packaging is a creative design that is used as a wrapper, protector, and product identification tool. This understanding is taken in terms of packaging function.

Whereas according to Kotler and Keller, packaging has a different understanding. According to this expert packaging is a designing activities or making containers or wrap with certain designs that will be used to wrap the product.

What is included in this sense is the packaging as an activity of producing product wrappers included in the design process, designing until the packaging process is finished.

This activity is made alone to protect the product and to provide added value to the product itself in the eyes of consumers.

When viewed from two points the definition above it can be concluded that packaging is the activity designing creative design that will be paired on a container to be used as a pack of products so that consumers are more interested in buying the product.

Product packaging function

Packaging is an important production element to make. Because there is no point in product quality if the packaging is not well made especially the product is left without packaging.

In addition, packaging is also made on the basis of certain functions. Here are the functions in question:

1. To accommodate the product

The first packaging function is to accommodate the product. It is usually used to launch the shipping process without being constrained by product problems scattered or lost.

If the packaging is neat, of course the product will get to the hands of the customer remains intact no one anything. Different products with not neat packaging. Of course if the delivery distance is quite far, the packaging can be damaged so the items are scattered everywhere.

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2. To protect and preserve the product

Packaging is needed to protect the product from damage. Like microbial damage, weather, water and so on. In addition, packaging is needed to make the product more durable and durable.

No packaging products are prone to severe damage especially if the material is susceptible to certain substances. To avoid products experiencing contamination, the product should be wrapped in packaging.

3. As product identity

The next packaging function is to be used as a product identity. Which in the package is definitely written brand that makes the product known to many people.

If the packaging design is good and creative, of course the brand will be more famous. In fact, it is also a prerequisite for the creation of the quality of products that consumers like.

This means that if the product uses packaging, there is a certain identity that can increase the progress of the sales of the product itself.

4. Increase efficiency

If the product is still fragmented into raw materials and supporting materials of course capital calculations and profits still cannot be calculated properly. It means that as long as the product is still fragmented, there will be no efficiency and effectiveness in sales


Another question if the product is already in the form of packaging. Which of all product forming materials have become one neatly wrapped so that the capital calculation of operating costs with the selling price can be determined quickly and precisely.

5. Protect from the influence of other products

It is undilla in every product distribution or goods it is not possible to send units per unit. Because surely delivery of goods included is also another similar product that is prevented by the same consumer.

Packaging here serves to prevent the occurrence of adverse effects of one product to other products. Especially products that contain chemicals which if contaminating other products will actually make the product damaged or dangerous.

6. To provide a different product value

If the product is wrapped in neat packaging and the design is good, of course the value in the eyes of consumers is better than products that do not use packaging. That means consumers will prefer ordering products or goods that are good packaging because for them it has value and quality that is also good.

Therefore the product that will be sent to consumers is supposed to use packaging. Even if you want the product to sell on the market.

Type-type packaging

After knowing about the function of the product packaging, the following explanation will be explained about the types. It is expected that this description of your understanding of the function and how the role of the packaging of the product becomes increasingly strong. Here is his full explanation:

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Packaging according to the content structure and function

1. Primary packaging

Primary packaging is a wrapping material that directly accommodates food ingredients or consumption materials. Like including packaging for milk bottle drinks and packaging for other foods.

2. Secondary packaging

What is meant by secondary packaging is the packaging that serves to provide protection against other packaging categories. Like packaging in the form of a carton box to protect milk cans, wooden boxes as fruit containers and other packaging packaging.

3. Tertiary packaging

Tertiary packaging is the type of packaging needed in order to save and send and identify a product. This packaging is usually used as a protector as long as the product is still in shipping.

Packaging according to usage frequency

Packaging according to the frequency of usage is also three types, namely disposable packaging, packaging is used repeatedly and packaging that cannot be removed or used permanently.

What is meant by disposable packaging is packaging such as plastic wrap, candy wrap, carton box and other than it.

While the packaging used repeatedly and packaging that cannot be discarded such as drink bottles and soy sauce bottles and canned biscuits can milk and various types of bottles.

Thus a brief explanation of the understanding of packaging, packaging function and its types. Hopefully it can increase your knowledge about the packaging that participates in the quality of the product.

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