Know the Efficient Tricks in Maximizing Service Delivery

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Know the Efficient Tricks in Maximizing Service Delivery

Know the Efficient Tricks in Maximizing Service Delivery

The delivery-based food business is mushrooming during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is because many customers prefer to stay at home and use online ordering instead of eating at their favorite stall. They did it to break the Covid-19 chain.

Delivery services are also expected to survive as it is not known when the pandemic will end. However, this service has been around for a long time. Especially for fast food restaurants.

The boom in online food businesses also provides a special blessing for delivery services, especially online motorcycle taxis. They certainly get orders to deliver food more often than passengers.

So, what needs to be considered is how the delivery service remains safe for those who deliver and guaranteed hygiene for those who enjoy it. Therefore, here are the tricks that are efficient in managing delivery services.

1. Pay attention to the packaging according to the standard

Have you ever had a drink that is only half the water left? Or get food where the rice is spilled all over the place? Perhaps because the packaging material is not up to standard. So that the customer does not receive it in full.

Therefore, pay attention to packaging materials. Adjust it with airtight or watertight. So as not to be spilled and contaminated by viruses. Besides, so that customers can easily consume it, provide precise and clear instructions.

Also, display an attractive packaging design so that customers are interested in making repeat orders.

2. Give the Best Service

Apart from innovation in packaging, created to provide the best service for customers will make a good impression. You can start with, for example, giving thanks or adding the name of the customer.

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A simple thing like that can have a tremendous impact. Especially if the packaging you provide, also includes a business card in it. Customers will feel happy that they can even repeat orders.

To be more optimal in providing services, surprise loyal customers. You can give a bonus or in the form of a coupon. You should do this kind of service to attract the hearts of customers.

3. Menu Innovations and Variations

During a pandemic, when you do a food business, you are required to continue to innovate and vary the menu. Especially if you change the dine-in service to delivery. So, besides packaging and service, what innovations can you present to customers?

One of them is frozen food. This menu is more frequently displayed considering that many customers are reluctant to leave the house. Customers can store in a cooler and enjoy it at any time.

Besides, you can maximize the promo. The latest menu by relying on economical promos, of course, is liked by customers. They will get other menu variations at home.

However, what you should pay attention to is the durability of raw materials. That is important considering that delivery services often use two-wheeled vehicles rather than four-wheeled vehicles.

4. Prepare Employees Well

When service turns into delivery, you need to pay attention to the behavior of your employees as well. Even though they do not serve face to face, employees still provide maximum service to customers.

So, before starting any activity, make sure your employees are healthy and ready to work. Also, in a pandemic era, apply health protocols such as wearing a mask, keeping your distance, and always washing your hands.

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By relying on delivery services, employees must respond quickly to orders, reply to chat, or receive complaints. This is important so that customers do not turn to competitors.

5. Integrate the Food Business into the Online Ordering Application

What do customers want when ordering food through the application? Easy payment and no hassle in ordering food. So, you can use an online ordering application.

This makes it easier for customers when they don’t want to make cash payments. Customers do not even bother to make calls to save on credit rates. Just chat, order, and wait for the food order to arrive.

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