Know the Easiest Tricks to Use Whatsapp Business

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Know the Easiest Tricks to Use Whatsapp Business

Know the Easiest Tricks to Use Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp is a medium for sending and receiving messages that are used by many audiences. Instead of similar applications, Whatsapp is easy to use for both the lower, middle, and upper classes.

Apart from being easy to operate, the data usage that is spent is still relatively minimal. Therefore, seeing the massive development of Whatsapp, now there is also Whatsapp Business.

The emergence of Whatsapp Business was welcomed by many, including business people. With Whatsapp Business, it is easy to send one message to many parties.

Also, business people don’t have to bother providing catalogs one by one to customers. Simply display it on the profile so that customers are free to access it.

However, not all business people can use and operate Whatsapp Business properly. Therefore, here are easy tricks to use Whatsapp Business.

1. Download Whatsapp Business on the Play Store or App Store

There is no significant difference when you register for Whatsapp Business. The operating system is almost similar when registering for Whatsapp. You just need to enter the required mobile number. Then, you just have to wait for the verification code to be entered.

After getting it, decide on the business name you want to use. Because, once selected and filled, you can no longer change it.

2. Business Profile

In a business profile, you can change the address, business category, opening hours, or website address. To change it, you go to business settings. You can fill in according to business needs. Prepare compelling sentences so that customers can easily understand your business profile.

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3. Message Statistics

This is what is somewhat different between Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business. Here, you can check message statistics. You can find out how many messages you have received and sent to customers. You can find out in business settings – statistics.

4. Away Message

This message is intended to keep you connected with customers even if you are not in a condition to open Whatsapp Business. You can activate this feature in business settings – away message.

For example, ‚ÄúThank you for contacting our shop. You will get an immediate response from the admin. “

5. Greeting Message

After creating an away message, you can activate the greeting message feature. Here as an opening greeting or remarks to customers. You can fill in and edit this feature in the business settings – greeting message. Interestingly, this feature is sent to customers automatically after 14 days of no communication between you and the customer.

For example, “Hello, thank you for being our customer.”

6. Quick Answer

In the business setup feature, the last one is quick replies. This appears because there are certain keywords. Usually used for the word “sorry”. So that it can save your time from writing too long.

For example, “Sorry for your inconvenience to our service. We will immediately follow up on your report. “

7. Broadcast Message

The advantage of Whatsapp Business is presenting broadcast messages. Because this feature is believed to increase sales figures. This feature can be used as the latest product offering, price promotion, or flash sale.

You can operate it in the main menu. Then look for the words “New Broadcast”, select the subscribers you are looking for. So, send messages according to customer needs. Enjoy the transaction immediately after sending a broadcast message.

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8. Product Catalog

Another advantage of Whatsapp Business is placing a product catalog. You can add photos, descriptions, prices, product codes, and links to payment methods.

In the product catalog, you can only upload 10 images per day. You can continue at a later date. With a product catalog, at least it will make it easier for customers not to bother going to the marketplace.

9. Customer Label

Labels are quite important in using Whatsapp Business. You can tag labels to customers such as old customers, new customers, customers who have not made a transaction, pending transactions, paid orders, and so on. You can use it according to business needs.

10. Deleting a Whatsapp Business Account

You can use this feature when you want to switch to a new number or it’s no longer possible to use it. You can go to settings – accounts – delete accounts. Then, enter the cellphone number that you want to delete and immediately delete your Whatsapp Business account.

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