Know the definition, destination, method, type, and market research tips

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Know the definition destination method type and market research tips

Know the definition, destination, method, type, and market research tips

Know the definition destination method type and market research tips

A business cannot just be born. There is a winding process and road before deciding to do business. One of these processes is called market research. What is market research and why should business research research?

What is market research

Market research is a businessman to test the feasibility of a product. So, the research carried out must be right to the target market.

The way, business people can work with third parties, or even do themselves, to search, collect and then document their research. So, business people can discuss to the team before deciding which is better.

The market research process can be done in various ways. Like a survey (deploying questionnaires), in-depth interviews (resource persons per speakers), or conducting ethnographic research.

Market research objectives

The main objective of market research is to ensure the latest market needs. Do consumers need certain products? Or if you have issued a product, what is the response given by consumers? When you know these things, you are able to think of the next step. For example, do promotional strategies.

Methods and Types of Market Research

There are two methods and types that you need to know when doing market research. You can do it yourself. However, to save time, it would be better to give it to third parties.

Primer Market Research

Research is collecting data. To obtain the data, you can use two ways. Exploration or specific. However, data collected can be qualitative (explanation of words) or quantitative (numerical).

If exploration is more emphasis on the sample, while specifically knows where the respondents will be intended. So, for specific research, the results are better than exploration.

There are three ways in conducting research in primary form, namely:

  • Focus group: The information obtained will be quite complex. However, the results are of quality. Because, you only interviewed between six to ten people in group form. Interestingly, interviews can be remotely or without face to face.
  • One By One interview: This interview involves respondents one by one so that the results are good. Usually what you need to ask is open questions. So, you must prepare well. Because, it could be a long interview.
  • Ethnography: This method is of course better than the two above. Because, you will experience and live within a certain period of time. You will ask more detail and profound.

Secondary market research

Almost the same as primary research is collecting data. However, it doesn’t have to meet people or interviews.

  • Commercial Sources: Collect data from a number of newspapers and magazines.
  • Public sources: You need to come to the library to get reading material.

Tips for doing market research

Determine research goals

What are you actually looking for from this research? Do you try to increase sales? Or do research where customers like to be loyal customers?

You must determine the research objectives first. So that later your research will feel easier.

Know the target customer

Who is your customer’s target? This should you know that not necessarily the product that you will take in accordance with consumers. So, you need to collect a lot of information about prospective consumers.

For example, one of the way you can do is know the gender, age, and consumer work. Then, what product needs you want. So, you can compile the product according to their needs.

Know Competitors

There are no products that do not have competitors. So, you also need to know who competitors. How they serve consumers. What are the superior products they created? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors? After that, you can compile products that are in accordance with consumers.

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