Know further what is the operational standard procedure or SOP

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Know further what is the operational standard procedure or SOP

Know further what is the operational standard procedure or SOP

Operating standard procedures or SOPs are mandatory things for companies that want to build businesses that can be large and profitable. If your organization relies on many employees from various divisions, it is very important to do as much standardization of operations as possible.

Imagine if each McDonald’s location serves burgers with different flavors, of course their sales will drop. Most menu they succeed because customers know exactly what they will receive anywhere in the world they order it.

Some businesses need to maintain and improve the SOP because they have a shift transition day to the night shift. Others need to maintain quality that is consistent in various facilities or locations. The secret to improving processes throughout the business lies in the manufacture of good operational standards.

SOP is often regarded as a futile thing in small businesses and is only carried out by larger organizations. Even though in fact, every company that successfully builds SOP into their organization’s workflow, repeats and has it from time to time.

SOP is very important in the early days of your business as is the case for organizations that employ thousands of people. Make SOP since the first day will ensure your workforce knows what to do. They also allow you to measure the area that will be increased along with the growth of your organization.

Understanding of standard operational procedures

“The written procedure specified for recurring use is practice, in accordance with the agreed specifications that aim to get the desired results.”

SOP is a written instruction that determines how your business must do a repetitive task to achieve the desired results. The US environmental protection agency sets SOPs in a similar way but simpler:

“Operational Standard Procedure or SOP is a set of written instructions that document routine or repetitive activities followed by an organization.”

Britannica defines SOP in more detail as:

“Operational standard procedures or SOPs are a set of written guidelines or instructions for regular task settlement, designed to improve performance, improve efficiency, and ensure quality through systemic homogenization.”

Again, the focus is to do routine tasks to improve performance and increase efficiency. Instead of letting your employees waste time thinking about what they have to do, the optimal path is to give them a guide that is easy to follow.

If this is the first time you learn about SOPs, it might just think this is just about making a routine task. However, you can do non-routine tasks that also benefit from being approached by a standard approach.

Case Example: Imagine if every customer service agent approaches every complaint without a framework or consistency.

Each agent will report problems in different formats, with inputs that cannot be compared based on whatever they want. Iteration and increase cannot occur without a consistent approach.

A consistent process helps produce consistent output. It is much easier to detect irregularities that might indicate the problem when positive results look similar.

You need to remember, a unique situation occurs in business at any time. However, a consistent approach to dealing with these unique problems can allow your employees to operate in a structure that helps them focus on problems, not in the process.

For example, some companies empowers managers to buy anything at a certain price without waiting for approval. This is done so as not to waste time through the approval process, managers can fix smaller problems.

SOP is something that must be on every business. When the company depends on the team that completes many non-routine tasks every day, the efficiency of demand is a thing that will get along with the development of business.

Essential elements of standard operating procedures

SOP has several important elements that make it meaningful and clear. SOP components include:


The first and most important part of the standard operating procedure is defining clear goals. The aim must answer specific questions like for whom SOP, how / where to use it, and what problems will be solved.


Scope coverage defines the application and use of SOP. For whom and for cases of business use what is covered.


Who does that task? If there is a problem with the task, to whom this problem must be increased? Finally, who keeps this SOP and is responsible for ensuring it always updated and fix it?


The benefits of operating standard procedures are by creating this you can request staff accountability. They must discuss who will ensure the implementation of the procedure in the SOP and who will be responsible if a procedure is not followed.

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This is the core of the SOP that determines which tasks need to be done and how they will do it. This procedure includes all steps that need to be followed by the staff. This is often the only component that needs to be seen and managed by most of your staff.

Benefits of Operational Standards Procedure

Writing and completing SOP can take time, power, data collection, research, and other resources to analyze any problems that occur and produce strong SOPs. Even after your procedure has been written and practiced, it is important to review the process and the results of the SOP made to make changes that can improve sustainable efficiency.

Here are some of the main benefits of the operational standard of procedures that you can feel when applying them.


The number one reason why you should develop SOP for your company is to increase efficiency. SOP makes your workforce efficient, predictable, and can be measured. When your employees don’t need to spend energy to think about how to do something, they can focus all energy to do tasks.

When your team completes the same procedure repeatedly, you can start improving the process. Maybe some you make excessive standards and don’t provide any additional value. Instead, you might find an error that can be prevented and find a solution to solving the problem.

There will be less time wasted, the realization of a business plan is more optimal, and other equipment failures when you have clearly set SOPs for each task, process, equipment, and machine.


Operational standard procedures are all about standardization and consistency. By setting the procedure to perform certain routine tasks, you stick to it. Tasks must always be done in the same way throughout your company in all departments.

It not only saves your team from making its own procedure repeatedly for similar tasks throughout your organization, but it will make the process efficient, increase consistency, and will allow your management to make informed business decisions.


Research shows that as many as 30-50% of employees avoid the average responsibility and lack of accountability this makes a lot of money from business. SOP helps resolve problems of responsibility and accountability.

If the process is clearly defined in the SOP, along with who to do it, there is less space for mistakes. If the task is not accurate, and the SOP is not followed, management can take the right action to prevent it back to repeat.

SOP increases responsibility and increases accountability throughout the organization.


According to the ILO or the International Labor Organization, the International Labor Organization, an estimated 2.3 workers throughout the world are involved in safety and health problems related to work which results in death of more than 6000 people per day. Unfortunately, most of these injuries can be prevented by entering safety procedures into workflows.

Employee safety and health at work is a serious problem that you can handle with SOP. Maybe you need to describe the safest way to turn off dangerous equipment or remind employees to wear a protective device, this additional reminder can help prevent accidents at your workplace.

This indirectly saves your company from the punishment, fines and lawsuits. When you have listed all security issues, labor trained, and you follow all government laws, everything will be safe and always in control.

How to design operational standards for procedures

SOP design requires deep knowledge and must be done by experts from various divisions. Writing initial soup is not the most challenging task but measures the results and fixes it is the steps that are most often ignored in most companies, even though this is the most important thing.

So, where should you start?

Follow these steps to design your own operational standards.

Step # 1: Data Collection

The first step is to get information about the procedure, activity and actual process. You need to determine the right procedure and can be done by someone who has done the task or know

Overall task.

Managers, experts, or senior staff are your best resources to collect all information for the standard procedure you will make.

Step # 2: Take notes and write

After you have all internal and external information, the next step is to start noting and writing SOP. This must be done by internal experts if they know the terminology, process, and other relevant information needed for the settlement of the task.

When writing SOP, you must follow the five c rule, namely:

  • Clear (Clean)
  • Complete (complete)
  • Concise (concise)
  • Correct (right)
  • Courteous (polite)
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There is no right or wrong way to write soup. However, the 5 points above help to create a standard operational format procedure and use it for all operating standards in your organization.

The standard format of operational procedures is quite flexible and you can add as much detail as you like.

The following are some common elements that can be in the SOP that you are designing:

  • Title
  • Department, duty, project, and management details
  • Objective SOP
  • Scope
  • Definition
  • Procedure
  • Accountability Responsibility and Details

Step # 3 Implementation

Applying standard operating procedures is one of the most important steps in the process. Implementation is a multi-step process.

  • It starts with reviewing the written soup by a group of experts.
  • Employees need to be trained. You need to give them the instructions and details needed to be related to the SOP so that they can begin to apply it correctly. It is very important and challenging when you apply new SOPs for existing processes and maybe in a new way.
  • Pay attention to accountability. Entrust employees and teams responsible for the application of SOPs using a system to monitor compliance with SOPs and measure the results.

Step # 4 test and improvisation

Listen to each input of your employees who have implemented this SOP, and pay attention to their performance. See if they have difficulty in the application of operating standards on their work processes.

If they feel trouble and have an impact on the decline in productivity maybe you need to improvise or refuse in the design of the operational standard procedure you have made.

Remember, making SOPs is a sustainable improvement and will always change with the development of the times.

Examples of Operational Standards Procedures

Here is a simple SOP applied to small businesses that have few employees. The greater a company, there will be more complicated operational standards of procedures made, because it involves many employees, departments, divisions and eating lots of work processes that cannot fell.

SOP PT. Here here is happy


  • Providing website creation services.
  • Providing services in the form of website optimization professionally and reliably
  • Providing employment for teenagers who have not worked (can be as sales managers, technical support, or billing service)
  • Providing website-based application making services.
  • Provide a good and creative solution for your start up.

Work procedures

  • At 7:00 a.m. all workers have to arrive at the office.
  • Start cleaning each other’s workplace and there should be no idle,
  • At 7:30 PT. Here and there likes to open, all workers do their own work,
  • At 11:30 all workers are allowed to rest until finished
  • At 1:00 p.m. all workers have to be repaid to continue their work
  • At 4:30, PT. Here it is happy to close, the workers are required to clean up their desks
  • At 5:00 a.m. all workers can go home from work


To make SOP effective for business progress it takes time for sustainable adjustments and improvements. The operational standard procedure is a binding thing for all employees or divisions in a company, therefore each of the employees must understand and follow the SOPs that have been made.

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