Know 8 Differences in Optimizing SEO Websites B2B and B2C

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Know 8 Differences in Optimizing SEO Websites B2B and B2C

Know 8 Differences in Optimizing SEO Websites B2B and B2C

Know 8 Differences in Optimizing SEO Websites B2B and B2C

B2B or stands for Business to Business is a business model of a company that focuses on sales of services and products to other companies. While B2C or abbreviations from Business to Customer is a business model company that focuses on direct sales to consumers.

The term B2B in Indonesia is increasingly popular as the business model development is mainly on e-commerce. Today there are many e-commerce focusing on B2B’s business, one of them is IndoTrading.

In B2B and B2C businesses, promotions through SEO are very important to increase awareness and also visibility of websites in search engines. However, do you know that the application of SEO on B2B and B2C is quite different?

Here are 5 differences in Seo Website Optimization B2B and B2C:

1. KPI.

In business, of course there must be a KPI (Key Performance Indicator). This KPI is a performance indicator of the success of your business activities. For SEO KPI from the B2B website and B2C, the KPI is quite different.

B2B’s business has a KPI that focuses on the number of leads that enter every month. While B2C has a KPI that focuses only on sales every month.

2. Marketing content

Then the second difference is in the content made. If on the B2B business, the purpose of content made is to educate visitors about the products and services provided.

While in B2C business aim to multiply the range in the meaning of bringing many visitors. But keep in mind that content made should not be originated.

3. Keyword research

Then the third difference in B2B and B2C website optimization is located in the keyword selection. If B2B business, keyword selection focuses on Industrial keywords. While in B2C business usually use a general keyword commonly used everyday.

4. Products and services

In B2B and B2C businesses, of course the products and services sold are also quite different. B2B businesses sell products that will be used by other companies. While B2C businesses sell products to final consumers directly.

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So, business people must understand who the target market must be targeted from the products and services that are being sold through the website.

5. Sales

The fifth difference is in the sales cycle. B2B’s business has a long enough sales cycle, but in a single sales immediately gets a great value. While B2C business if it has appeared on the first page, then sales will enter regularly.

6. Market size

The sixth difference is the market size. In B2B business, the market size is smaller than the B2C business. Even though the market size is smaller but when B2B’s business has got a transaction, it will usually be very large.

While on the B2C business, the market size is greater than the B2B business. Usually the transaction value of the B2C business is smaller, but if the transaction routinely enters it can turn big.

7. Number of traffic

The seventh difference is the number of traffic. In B2B business, the volume of search keywords on this business is not too much compared to the B2C keyword which is a general keyword.

Keyword B2B is only sought after by people who are looking for a need for their company. That is what makes the number of traffic on the B2B website no more than the B2C website.

8. Business objectives

Then the last difference is at the business objectives. If in the B2C business the purpose of the SEO optimization process is to make sales as fast and as much as possible. Of course it’s quite different in the B2B business.

SEO optimization process on the B2B website aims to get more incoming information such as leads. The information collected can be directly followed up by the related team.

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That’s 8 differences in how to optimize the B2B website and B2C website that you can learn. But basically, all that is done has the same goal, the smoothness of a business in selling sales.

In addition to the above differences, SEO optimization processes are also almost the same from the B2B website and the B2C website. Just focus on visitor experiences visiting your website, provide educational and interesting content so that visitors someday back again.

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