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Kinsale Hallowe’en Parade is a staggering riot of colour, noise, creativity and fun and open to completely all and sundry. “People are starting to realise – you don’t need to be a parent to benefit from the Hallowe’en Parade. The town I borrowed the Hallowe’en Parade idea from, Port Townsend, near Seattle where we used to live – everyone came!You met all your neighbours at the downtown Hallowe’en Parade. That’s how it’s evolving in Kinsale which is great.

As an artist, I just love to see the costumes people come up with and the creativity they show. One time I had ‘a best dressed pet’ award – and the costumed pets were gorgeous!“ If you have got ever dressed up and took part or been an onlooker, you may admire what a magnificent event the Kinsale Hallowe’en Parade is, with bumper attendance each and every year. It’s free and it’s numerous fun. To date, I have not been in receipt of any average funds, which is hard to trust really – 10 years on. The main source of money to pay for performers is the personalized collection buckets you notice at the checkouts in local supermarkets during October.

I recognize that local community do give generously, but I need a guarantee of a regular sum, annually. Going forward, what I require is partnership with a native company or businesses who will sponsor Kinsale Hallowe’en Parade annualy. A guarantee of funds in the kitty each autumn, will allow me to plot ahead and secure proficient acts well beforehand while also securing the way forward for a much loved, local event. Anyone who has ever organized a big event knows concerning the working around, phone calling and energy it takes to do it effectively. 10 years on, it’s still going strong, so I ought to keep doing it!just not alone any longer.


Last Hallowe’en, 2014, I was to be away, which meant I had to get a possee in place to assist in making Kinsale Hallowe’en Parade happen. Now there are a few others I can depend upon for organisational help. You can join us if that you could fulfill any organisational / inventive role. No big dedication concerned, we meet just twice during October.