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Since the money in the AIDS fraud case had been recovered, and since Russell was supposedly dying, prosecutors in Philadelphia decided not to pursue the bank fraud costs and extradited Russell to Houston. It seems, though, that Russell may have duped the prosecutors. The number listed on the diagnostic center’s stationery rings at a corporation called Medical Broadcasting. When the Press called, the person that replied the telephone had never heard of Medical Diagnostic Center of Philadelphia. Additionally, there is no directory listing in the Philadelphia area for either Medical Diagnostic Center or Dr.

Richard Kones. Around an identical time, an lawyer at a high profile law firm bought two similar calls. During the 1st, the caller claimed to be an executive with a local scientific career group who was looking for help in persuading the district lawyer’s office not to file prices against an embezzler. The lawyer checked with Jennings, who claimed not to understand of this sort of cases. A few days later, an identical attorney got a call from someone professing to be a congressman from Virginia who wanted to discuss fraud in the scientific industry.

Suspicious, the lawyer asked for a bunch to which he could return the decision. When he dialed it, he was connected to the White House. The Press was unable to reach either Tony Thomas or Sanford Produce. But a girl who works in the Florida produce industry confirmed that both exist, and that neither wants the rest to do with Steven Russell. It’s also true, she said, that Russell previously worked in Florida.

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As a matter of fact, she added, in 1990 he worked for her father. While employed as a tomato broker, Russell borrowed $10,000 from her father for a down price on a sports car, after which refused to repay the loan. One day, the lady’s brother found Russell at a Palm Beach salon, about to get his back waxed. Her brother dragged Russell to a bank and physically forced him to withdraw the $10,000.