Keynote speaker Bryan Eisenberg educates and entertains audiences

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“Bryan Eisenberg’s keynote presentation of “21 Secrets of Top Converting Websites” at our 2010 Online Merchandising Workshop bought the maximum ratings of any consultation in Shop. org’s history. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Bryan for decades professionally and individually. In all those years he’s been a consistent contributor and accomplice to Shop. org; delivering tutorial and inspiring content material to our members.

However, with “21 Secrets,” Bryan set a new regular for speaking excellence, appealing to everyone from managers to C level executives. So – by usual demand we are inviting him back to our next event so more of our individuals can learn from this creative presentation. ”Most companies don’t have an attention difficulty. Their problem is sales conversion. They attract skill customers, but fail to determine limitations in the funnel. They also fail to inspire customers, in the correct context, to propel clients through the customer adventure.

This has only become more difficult as buyers and agencies move between channels – offline to online and back. Customers expect seamless and consistent positioning, messaging and engagement. Companies struggle to supply this at anybody stage, less via all the lifecycle of a purchaser. Marketers always adapt. Television forced changes from sound alone to moving images on a screen.

Personal computing birthed an adaptation of an interactive screen. Mobile computing coerced cramming that interaction onto a smaller screen while on the go. Now, we are about to move from any screen to none. How do we adapt?Siri, Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and IBM’s Watson are in the early days of conversational UX . AI assistants and robots are also beginning to play a significant role in our lives.

Will AR and gestures change the way we shop?What occurs as increasingly of these interactions impact our buying conduct?How do we broaden a plan to keep up with these rapid alterations?In this motivational but useful presentation you’re going to study Buyer Legends, a business process that uses storytelling strategies to map the crucial paths a prospective buyer might follow on her adventure to fitting a buyer. You will find out how this method aligns method to brand story to the client’s actual experience on their customer journey. Discover how these easy to inform stories reveal the opportunities and gaps in the customer’s experience within the existing marketing and sales manner. Learn how these legends talk the brand’s story intent and demanding touch point everyday jobs to your entire team, within every level of a corporation, from the boardroom to the stockroom. Business executives, company owner and agents will bask in how Buyer Legends reconcile the artistic technique to data analysis; aligning metrics with previously hard to degree advertising and marketing, sales, and purchaser provider methods. Buyer Legends deliver quick and tangible outcomes.

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The first result’s superior execution, communications, and testing. The second result is a big boost to the bottom line. Nobody argues about if search, social, and mobile technologies impacted customers’ minds and buying conduct over the past five years. Today businesses worry about keeping ahead in their competition; while the truly important issue is retaining pace with their clients. Technological and social advances are forcing agencies to embody authenticity, enhance purchaser reviews, or suffer the penalties .

This consultation will show you the way the convergence of communications, logistics and fiscal era continue to evolve, as they always have, that allows you to reduce the friction in the customers’ buying technique. You will be aware all the ways these applied sciences will change our professional and private lives in the near future. If your company isn’t arranged to deal with this future, it may be after this consultation!“Bryan Eisenberg is a joy to observe, take heed to and learn from. His energy and his humorousness and playfulness dramatically aid the deep skills he is able to convey to an viewers of one or one thousand. You walk away with an overpowering feeling that you simply just like this guy – and then you recognize just how much smarter you’re for the experience.

As an event manufacturer and public speaker, I have also seen Bryan behind the scenes, getting ready to talk. He is a consummate expert, committed to his craft and continuously adding new material to keep his presentations fresh, fresh, fresh. After nine years of communicating at my conferences, Bryan persistently pegs the needle on the survey consequences. ”“Bryan is an miraculous speaker with valuable content to share. I can’t find the words to explain his presentation, his interactivity, his spirit.

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I’ve seen a lot of audio system,and Bryan is world class. Even though I was the organizer of Romanian eCommerce Awards Gala; I was left voiceless by Bryan’s presentation. I just sat on my chair and I didn’t care about what was happening, concerning the time, about the Gala. I absorbed every last word from Bryan and I would have stayed on my chair for hours just to listen and learn from a true Guru. I’m not a vital overseas figure, I’m not Bill Gates, I’m just Andrei Radu from Romania who is operating hard for e trade industry, who organizes the one E Commerce Romanian Festival for 5 years… I’ve talked with bankers, price processors, interviewed the elite of of the international and Romanian eCommerce Market… None of them evaluate with Bryan Eisenberg.

”“Bryan keynoted the first ever Capterra Conference and did a superb job. His content was precisely what our viewers of software dealers needed in view that website conversion is one of their largest issues. His points regarding personas were also spot on. Bryan is an exhilarating and entertaining speaker and he laid everything out in a very logical and fascinating way. He also did a break out consultation where he picked apart websites from the viewers on the fly and this obtained one of the crucial top comments from our conference.

Bryan was terrifi to work with and we only hope that he will help us with future events.