Key Opinion Leaders and its important role in the world of digital marketing

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Key Opinion Leaders and its important role in the world of digital marketing

Key Opinion Leaders and its important role in the world of digital marketing

Key Opinion Leaders and its important role in the world of digital marketing

Color or Key Opinion Leaders is one of the most important parts in the world of digital marketing. Every individual who is able to influence many people will be a turning point for success in a marketing strategy.

But what is the actual cab or key opinion leaders in the world of digital marketing? Why do they have an important role to hook new customers? Find the answer by reading the article about Key Opinion Leaders below.

Understanding Key Opinion Leaders

Marketing in the digital world today has once been a lot of shifts and strategic changes with the presence of key opinion leaders or cabbages. Color or Key Opinion Leaders is a person or organization that has knowledge and also influence on a product based on its own field.

Reporting from influencer marketing hub, cabbage has interests and also very large forces than the latest mass media. Why? Because they are able to make a relationship with customers through activities that feel very relevant to their daily life.

Not only active on social media only, one of the most common where you can find a lot of a cabbage is traditional media as well as television, radio, and others.

Even a climatologist, people who have knowledge related to weapons control, figures in the world of economics, or professors from universities can become a cabbage.

They can develop a reputation of knowledge related to certain topics that make their opinions so highly valued by the audience. For this reason, Key Opinion Leaders is one of the marketing to be able to increase company brand awareness.

In contrast to an influencer, a Key Opinion Leaders will spend most of his time to participate in their respective expertise fields. They will also not devote their busy all day to build network followers or make posts that are so perfect.

Will know yourself. They will reap knowledge and also build works and make their opinions work very convincing clients.

Social media can be one of the places where they can socialize and also express their opinions but only at just time. You could say that social media is not one of their top priority platforms.

Type-type key opinion leaders

Just like influencers, according to Active Campaign, our cabbage can be for several types. But regardless of it, we used to underline and we always remember that with the high laptop of their knowledge, Key Opinion Leaders is a person who is sought by influencers to be able to improve their understanding related to some certain subjects.

These various types of key opinion leaders depend on the number of followers or followers them. Although the definition continues to change, at this time the level of a key opinion leaders can be for five main parts. We can distinguish these parts by the number of their followers on their respective social media, especially Instagram which is one of the most famous media today.

The following are five types of key opinion leaders based on their level:

  • Nano influencer: 1000-10,000 followers
  • Micro-influencer: 10,000-50,000 followers
  • Mid Tier Influencer: 50,000-500,000 Followers
  • Macro influencer: 500,000-1,000,000 followers
  • Mega Influencer: More than 1,000,000 Followers

At that level, many followers have become their respective credibility gauges. The higher the following numbers they are increasingly valuable their abilities. The more use of their expertise, it will further affect them if I’m for marketing.

Choose the right key opinion leaders for a marketing

As previously explained above, each key opinion leaders specializes in certain fields. For this reason, the company cannot choose Key Opinion Leaders carelessly only because his followers on social media can touch the number 1 million.

There are several factors that must be considered by the marketing team before looking for a cabbage. The following is a consideration before choosing the right Opinion Leaders key to improve brand awareness:

1. Having the right relevance to the brand

Generally, the company will choose cabbage whose expertise is related to the brand they sell. The marketing team also will generally choose cabbage that produces many of the same content in their brand fields. For example, a brand will decide to use opinion and also the knowledge of a chef named because the products they sell are related to the culinary world.

2. Various social media accounts

This factor is the easiest factor, why? Because, basically everyone now has an account on their various social media. For this reason, the company is now no longer necessary to dedure looking for cabbage that has an opinion space on various social media. The cabbage that will be chosen is whether to have a very popular account on social media today such as Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, or Facebook.

3. Offline reputation

Sourced from the Kawo page, for a person to become famous in the virtual world is not enough. A cabra must have a good reputation also outside the virtual world the main purpose of a cabbage in marketing is to spread brand awareness for the company’s products.

The marketing team needs a credible cabbage in the world and also outside cyberspace. Not only for credibility, but this is also very important for the company’s audience outside the life of social media.

4. Number of followers.

Although the number of followers is not a very important factor but the number of followers is still able to provide very accurate estimates. This is especially if it is related to how much a brand awareness that will be spread by the chosen cabbage.

For this reason, the marketing team must also trace sharing the follower of the Followers in order to avoid dead accounts or uninhabited or fake robot accounts.

So scanning the number of active cabbage followers in stages is a very important and mandatory task to do.

In addition to the four things above, you also don’t rush to contact the cabbage you have chosen, you have done all four things that have been recommended in the book The Crowd Hand Book below:

  • Tell cabbage about your business. Introducing your business to the cabbage you have chosen is the first thing you have to do.
  • Give the opportunity to use your product. It will feel more painful giving the chance to try out or try your product. That way they will be more confident and understand about the strength of your product.
  • Find out what investors and the community are preferred. You can build personal relationships with various ways there are road consumers or audience you like. This section will be very helpful in the circuit has an emotional relationship with a brand.
  • Help cabbage in promoting the product. You can make your work easier by providing briefs and also content ideas. In addition, you can also provide various incentives in accordance with the caliber or the ability of the cabbage.

3 reasons why you have to use cabbage

As we have explained earlier that key opinion leaders are very different from influencers because of their authenticity or expertise in the real world. If we make the list, there are a number of things that make the existence of cabbage greatly help you in promoting a product or brand, namely:

1. Special profession and experience

Kol is a person who has a profession, knowledge, and special experience related to a field. In fact, they can be said to be people who are experts in the field. Generally, the actual cabbage will only collaborate and also collaborate with brands or products that are relevant to the profession and their special experience.

They will logically and also provide reasonable content because in their work also mentioned that the service or product can indeed be trusted.

2. Having real expertise and also proven

Because it has real and proven expertise, it will be much better and more reliable in making content that clearly explains a product or brand. Generally, the content must be accompanied by personal opinion based on the skills or experiences they already have.

3. Able to increase brand credibility because it is more trusted by the audience

Based on 2 points above, we can see and we pay close attention to that when there is a brand or product recommended by someone who really works in the field or does have the expertise and also the same knowledge with recommended products, of course these recommendations will have A distant impact can be more trusted by the audience.

Audience trust in a figure that is able to provide appropriate recommendations and also in accordance with its expertise generally will be much more effective. When you as a businessman invites cooperation or to promote your product or brand, then you can increase the credibility of your company.


After you know who and why you need and have to work with the Key Opinion Leaders, then there will be only having to decide to find the right key opinion leaders and also suitable to work together.

You can request assistance to a cabal, social media, or in collaboration with other parties who are also experienced in the world of digital marketing.

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