Key Opinion Leader: The Best Way to Increase Sales

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Key Opinion Leader: The Best Way to Increase Sales

Key Opinion Leader The Best Way to Increase Sales

Business patterns penetrate the online world. Businessmen who were only fixated on offline stores are now also setting up online stores. So, like it or not, the marketing pattern will also change. If previously using billboards or posters printed on the road, now they have changed directions. It is time to use a key opinion leader (KOL). However, do you know about the key opinion leader?

What is a Key Opinion Leader?

Key opinion leaders are certain people who have a good reputation in a certain field. Usually the person or subject has an appropriate bond with a brand. So, when the person is promoting something, your product will have a positive impact.

What the public needs to know is the difference between influencers and key opinion leaders. Oftentimes, because they cannot tell the difference between the two, business people entrust a product to them. Even though it was clearly stated earlier. Key opinion leaders play an important role in a product. If he were a culinary expert, the suitable product for him would be culinary.

Unlike influencers. In online business, influencers tend to be attached to anyone. The condition is that he has a large number of followers on social media. For example, Instagram or Twitter. Therefore, usually what is displayed on influencers are all types of products.

Another difference is about education. Key opinion leader, because he knows the needs of the product, and he is an expert in that field, he always gives messages and suggestions. So, users or customers understand why they should use these products.

Conversely, if influencers are not just providing education. He is only assigned to promote products. If you get an influencer who is willing to educate, then luckily your business product.

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Advantages of Using Key Opinion Leader

If you use KOL, of course, there will be many advantages. One of them is the work carried out by KOL following its field. When he reveals something, it is easily digested by his followers. Apart from that, his followers will also easily follow the discussion held by KOL.

For example, your product is an electronic item such as a device. You are looking for a KOL who is an expert in the field of gadgets. When he reviews your product, you can be sure that his followers will be interested in what is being discussed. So, next is interest in buying your product.

Besides, another advantage that you can get is that your product brand is getting known. There will be many key opinion leader followers who are waiting for the next product to be launched.

Trust as the main requirement

It cannot be denied that the main weapon of KOL is trust. The marketing strategy using KOL is effective because KOL can give a different taste to its followers. Trust is the key to KOL. Its followers will be very respectful of what KOL recommends.

KOL knows very details about the products discussed. He will give an honest product review. Apart from trust, credibility is key. Of course, he had to maintain a good reputation. So, the choice is made, the words spoken are really from self-awareness.

So that the KOL marketing strategy is more about word of mouth. The recommendation from KOL is very qualified and there is no doubt. His followers or even new customers will be concerned about what he is talking about.

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Cooperate with Key Opinion Leader

After you listen to the explanation above, it’s time for you to analyze whether you need KOL as a way to increase sales figures.

First, identify the target market. You have a product that fits your target market. If your product is a product for the millennial generation, the KOL that is looking for are those who are millennials.

Second, product performance. You need to know that by using KOL, how good the effect will be. KOL is more effective than influencers. Because KOL knows more about the product.

Third, sales targets. Of course, when you hook KOL you expect the product to sell out quickly. So, from there, you can measure. Is it possible to increase sales figures when a competitor’s brand uses the KOL that they want to use? You can listen very well.

Using KOL as a marketing strategy is a good thing. Moreover, KOL is indeed suitable for use in online business. Thus, for your online business to grow, you need to use the best and most trusted advertising services. For your business to grow, don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your products so that later you can increase visitors on your online business portal. Froggy Ads is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. helps you target your desired marketing target and provides you with multiple options for marketing your product.