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When you are looking to sell your ad inventory programmatically to an ad network you want as many high high-quality demand assets as perhaps competitors to win the bid for your show stock. There are such a lot of ad networks in the space and the a success networks generate long run relationships with their publishers first and most fulfilling by providing higher than normal CPM’s daily, every day. There are a large number of self serve ads assets out in the landscape so for a writer to trust their impressions with a 3rd party source to implement the highest appearing demand for all tiers of their stock is challenging from time to time. Networks who want to buy premium top tier stock on top ranked Alexa and SimilarWeb websites will usually offer very competitive fixed CPM rates for US impressions and attempt to arbitrage the buy. Many publishers rely on an ad network as their main source of income and tend to flock to networks who’ve low fee thresholds, pay on time and do not have price discrepancies.

Ideally as a publisher you would need an ad community to pay you NET30 and have assorted choices for charge such as PayPal, Wire, ACH or a check. Some ad networks have regulations on international locations on who they can work with and it is extraordinarily critical that you fully read the terms and conditions and feature a great IO in place it is fully understood and signed by both parties. Strong relations are forged when ad networks pay their purchasers in a timely manner on a consistent basis with clear indication of how much cash is earned during a particular time period. When you are working with an ad network it is a must-have to have secure reporting access and login to take into account how much earnings you are generating and the true eCPM you are backing out to from the network. You can be in a position to report on a number of factors similar to geographic position, size, placement and details about what brands and campaigns are being run on your stock. You need to be certain the community is maximizing functionality and you are not being underpaid for stock or sending them GEO’s which are being defaulted to a low paying Revenue Share payment rule.

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Some ad networks will send you daily reports and set up quarterly company stories to discuss account performance. It is important for publshers to be aware exactly how much they’re making at any given time and be gain value trend data from the during of a crusade. When navigating the electronic advertising jungle it is important to have an experienced account manager dealing with your day to day needs and optimizing your inventory to generate the maximum CPM’s possible. Some account managers have over 100 debts that they’re tending to and seeking to grow each and every day and to be a success it’s a must to keep clear and ongoing conversation with your account supervisor to maximise the time they spend making changes on the account. A writer should trust that the account supervisor is buyer concentrated and knows that after there are large earnings increases for the writer, they’ll evidently offer up more inventory and be open to testing new setups.