Keeping Your Child Safe In The Car – Beware of Booster Seats Illinois Injury Law News

Many booster seat companies market their merchandise as equally safe and acceptable as harness seats for babies weighing as low as 30 pounds and as young as three. This advertising without delay contradicts the concepts of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Both state that toddlers among three and seven should ride in a harness seat until they reach the pinnacle height or weight limit allowed by the manufacturer and outgrow the harness seat. Manufacturers market booster seats to folks whose babies are too young to securely travel in one, increasing the chance of significant injury.

Harness seats supply extra coverage that booster seats do not. By using shoulder and crotch straps instead of a seat belt to secure the child, harness seats reduce injury by spreading crash forces over a much wider area of the child’s body. They also remove the chance that the seat belt will move to a damaging place – comparable to around the child’s neck or behind the shoulders – at or ahead of impact. Unlike booster seats, harness seats crotch straps help keep a toddler from sliding under the lap belt during an twist of fate, particularly younger toddlers whose pelvic bones are still developing the bony ridges that help anchor them to the seat. Booster seats undergo inadequate safety checking out before reaching the market. They are held to an identical standard as harness seats, that’s complex as a result of booster seats and harness seats restrain children in very different ways.

At no time are booster seats tested to be sure that a car’s lap and shoulder belt is in the correct place. Companies do not test – and do not know – the safety performance of booster seats for toddlers who weigh 30 35 lbs. No booster seat company has built its own checking out standards to ensure its seats are safe. As booster seats companies proceed to market their products in contravention of safety industry ideas, young babies are being moved in advance into booster seats – heightening their risk for higher injuries in a crash.

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