Kanban Is: Definition, Functions and How to Apply them in Project Management

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Kanban Is: Definition, Functions and How to Apply them in Project Management

Kanban Is Definition Functions and How to Apply them in Project Management

Kanban is one of the methods that are contained in the project management. This method is very useful in solving a problem effectively and also efficiently as possible.

At first, this method is more focus used for the company’s manufacturing industry only. But, as time goes by, then the range of companies in various types of industries also use this method to develop his business.

Actually, there are still other methods in project management such as Agile and Scrum. However, by using the method of Kanban, You have other options to solve the problem of Your business. here we give an explanation of daniel in You.

Understanding Kanban

Quoted from page Kanbanize, kanban comes from the Japanese word that means visual or card. Companies that develop and popularize this method is Toyota in their manufacturing process.

Systems that are extremely visual it makes the team become more easy to do the communication work of what should be done and when is the time to do the job.

In addition, kanban also has an important role as a navigation in helping to reduce things that are not necessary and maximize the results of the achievements that high.

In the process of development, methods of kanban is adopted from a wide variety of fields, methods, kanban is widely used because it is able to facilitate a process. There is a kanban board that is claimed to be very effective to solve the problem. Kanban board consists of three main columns, i.e. column “requested” , “in progress”, and “done”.

By knowing these three things, each team member can focus more and also much more effective in doing its job.

Function Kanban

The function of kanban is to regulate the movement of materials in the production system to be on time. The purpose of kanban is to be able to mark raw material needs and also ensure the goods or raw materials are made on time in order to support the process of the production stage next.

Generally, the four functions of kanban is as follows:

1. Tool Instructions Production and Transportation

Function kanban is a tool working instructions are able to set when, what, where, and how the components or materials produced and transported. The function of kanban as a way to communicate the process before and after the production is done.

2. Tools For The Control Of Visually

Other functions of kanban is to monitor the accuracy of the location and also the flow of components or items. The Operator or the person involved in the production process can understand the information in the kanban just by looking at it in passing only.

Because, kanban will always move along with the components of the actual, then the component without kanban can more easily identified.

3. A tool for the Process of Kaizen

As one of the tools of visual control, then the number of kanban could not advisable too much because it can increase the supply of a lot more. Components or raw materials should be checked for continuous improvement.

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4. As An Adjustment To Change

Occurs when the production process, generally will not be separated from the presence of a variety of problems, such as delays the process of production, repair tools or machines, and / or adjust the production schedule. Kanban will serve as a tool adjustment when there is a change.

Types Of Kanban

There are two types of kanban that is widely used in companies-companies, namely:

  • Kanban retrieval, namely kanban that will explain or specify the type and also the amount of product that must be taken by the next process of the process before.
  • Kanban production orders, namely kanban that will explain or specify the type and also the amount of product that must be made.

The Process Of The Use Of Kanban

The process of the use of kanban is to move kanban from the place where the supply of production needs is already available, to the other place that will take advantage of the supply.

The steps to use kanban is as follows.

  • Operators that are in the production department went to the barn to bring kanban retrieval along with the empty pallets are placed on top of the forklift.
  • Furthermore, if the carrier takes the goods or components suppose warehouse B, then the operator can release or revoke the kanban production orders from physical units to be placed on the pos receipt of kanban.
  • Kanban production orders which are already released or revoked last exchanged also with kanban retrieval. Kanban retrieval is then affixed or fastened on the physical units that are taken. Production operators must be able to perform correctness checks the specification of the goods and also the amount that is in it.
  • Physical units already bonded with kanban retrieval at the top, then shall be brought in the next process.
  • If a unti still in the stages of production, then the order of its production must be adjusted with the order of release or revocation of the kanban production orders.
  • Furthermore, the operator will make the material or component in accordance with the sequence number of kanban production orders in the post. Things that need to be considered is the physical unit and kanban should be able to move in pairs when processed.
  • When physical units are done through a series of production process, then the units on and kanban production orders will be placed in the arsenal of B so that the operator can transport it when needed.

What to Do While doing Kanban?

Quoted from the pages of Planview, there are some things, which should be run in applying the method of kanban.

1. Visualize Your Work

By creating a visual model of the entire work and also the groove of the work of each team. It will further facilitate the communication of each process run.

2. Limit the Work in Process

Don’t need to compose the assignment in every process, but need the presence of restrictions in each assignment.

This will reduce the processing time and deliver maximum results.

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3. Focusing on the Groove

With restrictions on the task at each process, then it will be able to develop policies to encourage team work spirit. So, the method of kanban that is done will be more maximal.

4. Know The Limitations

When performing a process, often will be found on a variety of new problems. You certainly should be able to solve these problems so that the process is able to walk better.

5. Give Each Other Reciprocal

Each member of the team that performs a certain process must be able to provide reciprocal regularly. In addition to reporting a variety of things that are being worked on, it is in the do method of kanban is also able to provide a common perception on what is being done.

Later, this would make every people can work in accordance with the duties and also responsibilities.

The Advantage Of Using Kanban

  • Determine the level of production – with a set quantity of kanban in it based on customer demand, the whole area of the production will run regularly.
  • Reduce WIP (Work-In-Process) – with the coordination level in every unit level of production in accordance with demand, inventory WIP will be more easily restricted by the system kanban. As a result, the inventory will become more minimal.
  • Optimization of the work flow – arrangement on the flow of work will be easier with the demand that is stable. Every production activities will be more easy to do to be able to meet a certain amount and in the optimization based on the number of.
  • The accuracy of inventory and avoid product obsolescence – when production is carried out based on the request, it will be the less inventory to be piling up. It is also surely will be able to minimize waste on products that are already obsolete, because it has been stored too long.
  • Saving the inventory level low will reduce the cost of handling inventory.
  • Regularity – when You can arrange the production area in accordance with the needs, we can also provide planning the layout of the area to be able to maximize productivity and also makes everything become more regular.


Thus the explanation from us about kanban. An understanding of kanban is very important, because by using the method of Kanban, You have other options to solve the problem of Your business. So any profits obtained will be more maximal.

However, don’t forget to record these benefits in Your income statement. why? because this report be the determinant of the condition of the financial health of Your company.

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