Kaizen Is one Powerful Way To Improve the Management of the Company, This explanation!

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Kaizen Is one Powerful Way To Improve the Management of the Company, This explanation!

Kaizen Is one Powerful Way To Improve the Management of the Company This explanation

Kaizen is the philosophy of the work of the Japanese that was developed in the 1950s. The workers of the Japanese in their own country or other countries are certainly already familiar with the term “Kaizen”.

When companies want to implement Kaizen, they need a tool called “Plan, Do Check, Act (PDCA)“. PDCA itself becomes a tool of control of the company’s operations and a process of continuous improvement.

So, what are the benefits of applying Kaizen? Here is an explanation of the details.

Definition Of Kaizen Is

Kaizen is one of the working philosophies derived from the Japanese language, KAI means improvement, and ZEN means good. This can be interpreted as nice improvements continuously.

So, kaizen is improvement focused on the development and continuous improvement. It can be started from the discovery of the specific error, so need to repair.

System kaizen will correct the error or violation. In this case, the Company needs to analyze the problem of what causes the occurrence of such violations. Or analyze the problems associated with the practice are not adequate.

Then, the company and its team will continue to formulate what should be done and what policies need to be taken. All employees must comply with the regulations in a consistent manner. The result will then be evaluated. Then find a better way, and so on. So, the process of kaizen will continue to be done continuously.

Kaizen in the Company

In its application in the company, Kaizen involves all employees without exception, from the management of low-level to management level high. They should always be committed to continuously improve the quality of products or services.

If kaizen wants to apply to a company, four things need to be done the company, namely:

1. Standardization Of Work Methods Or Work Techniques

Companies need to standardize the methods or techniques of work so employees have guidelines in carrying out their duties.

Through technical standardization, the company can more easily predict the processing time. In addition, for example, if the work shift changed, the method of working the same can be used to give the work item to the other workers.

2. Cycle Time or the Standardization Cycle Time

Standardization of the time this cycle is the determination of the time required to manufacture a product.

The time of the work cycle must be less than or equal to the cycle time so that the speed of production can meet the needs of customers. If the cycle time is greater than the cycle time specified, the workload should be distributed back more evenly (Heijunka).

3. The standardization of the workflow or workflow

In addition to performing the standardization cycle time, companies also need to standardize the sequence of work that is used to keep the time of the cycle itself.

4. The standardization of the Product in the Process

The stage of the production process sometimes requires the least amount to proceed to the next process. For example, the production of raw materials requires a time of cooling or heating that long, so that the components or units that need to be stored in large quantities to continue the next process.

Therefore, the need to set the standardization of the quantity of work in the process so that the waste does not occur.

Keep in mind that the strategy of kaizen is a sustainable improvement so that the fourth standardization of the above will continue to be evaluated, and it is possible to improve standardization.

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The Benefits Of The Application Of Kaizen In The Company

Here are the benefits of applying Kaizen in a company:

1. Able To Avoid Wastage

Small improvements are continuously done by the company will be able to eliminate wastage of time and cost which is usually carried out by the company. The company and its employees will continue to evolve every day without having to do unnecessary things.

2. Able to Change and Adapt Quickly

A company, especially a startup company, requires the development of business and even the need to change its business model quickly. By applying the Kaizen, the company can easily complete what is called the business hub.

3. Produce The Products According To The Time Of

System implementation of kaizen in the company will be able to produce products according to customer’s order. Pull production system and the use of Kanban cards will be able to facilitate implementation.

4. Finish Products Faster

In the process of implementation of Kaizen, a process of delivery of raw materials from the suppliers to the company or the delivery of finished products to the customer can be completed more quickly and also efficiently

In this process, the company will focus more on the important thing, namely the needs of the customers.

If the product has already reached the minimum requirements that have been determined, then the goods can be sent and then repaired continuously.

The simplest example of this is a digital product. At the same time, in addition to meeting the minimum requirements to be able to immediately activated, a physical product requires a slightly different strategy.

5. Improve Production Flow

Production arrangement is based on the five disciplines (or a work culture 5S or 5S) in the workplace, namely:

  • Seiri or Brief (sort), item or object that does not need to be immediately deleted
  • Seiton or Neat (the arrangement), i.e. the arrangement of a neat
  • Seiso or dress Rehearsal for cleaning continuous (cleaning)
  • Seiketsu or Ambulatory (combined), used to store objects or items in standard condition good
  • Shitsuke or Diligent (habit), i.e. a continuous improvement of training and self-discipline

The work culture at the top is the basic attitude that should be owned by every employee to improve the quality of the company.

6. Improve Product Quality

The main objective of Kaizen is to improve the quality. Companies need to focus on quality and value-added products or services based on the perspective of the consumer.

In addition, the company should pay attention to see the principle of kaizen itself, which is to maintain control of the process and make all the people involved in the production process is responsible for the achievement of quality.

In addition, the company must comply with the principles of kaizen in maintaining control of the process and make everyone involved in the production process accountable for achieving certain quality.

7. Develop Responsive Employees

The application of the systems that are upgraded will demand employees to respond more quickly, in addition, all employees must also be the master of all industry companies or even across disciplines following the level and position.

Employees will react when the lights are lit so stop the production process. All employees who focus on the repair of this so-called Jidoka, which means all employees must be responsible for achieving a good product and prevent the occurrence of errors.

8. Help The Face Of Uncertainty

By applying corrective measures, the company will be able to eliminate the uncertainty that appears.

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For example, related to the supplier, the company must establish a relationship that is consistent and better with suppliers. Select a supplier close to the company to establish a lasting relationship…

How To Apply The Philosophy Of Kaizen?

Although Kaizen is the philosophy adopted by most companies, You can still apply this philosophy in developing Your team.

According to Lucidchart, You can use the following methods to apply the philosophy of repair.

1. The Analysis Of The Current Performance

If You want to expand the network team, You can use the performance evaluation as a guide to performing the analysis.

While doing the analysis, make sure to be critical. This attitude is necessary to make changes that have a big impact and lasts long.

2. Think of the Things that Most Small

Sometimes, when designing an idea, we will focus on a bigger idea. In fact, in the long term, a small idea can have a huge impact.

The idea is as simple as combining a meeting or set up a time to complete more jobs can have a significant impact on the productivity of the team.

For that, try to invite all team members to make changes in the workflow as a group or individual.

3. Create an Environment of Mutual Support

Create an environment to support Your team members in expressing or expressing an opinion. Let them feel comfortable, find the weak point, or thinking to find a better way to do something.

However, when an idea can not work properly, fix philosophy rather than accusing him of suggestions to fix the philosophy of kaizen.

4. Do Not Get Hung Up On Perfection

The methodology of Kaizen is suitable to improve a system or process, and cannot be used to improve a system or process to make it more effective. No matter what the situation, there is always a way to improve this, the start of developing product features up to how to manage the project.

5. Admit Success

Celebrate your successes increase, whatever the scale. If the team members want to help improve the business, product, or experience of Your customers, then the team member is worth keeping.

6. Use Methods Other Management

Kaizen is the mentality to always look for ways to continue to evolve. However, after implementation, You may feel that the other methods (if used) may be more effective. Many types of methods of project management can be used. The method most commonly used in connection with the kaizen method includes SMART.


Then review what it is about Kaizen, the application on the company, and its benefits. Kaizen can be started with the intention and commitment to improvement. Of course, the intention is not enough. There are several methods and techniques kaizen to learn. Remain disciplined and working together is the key to be able to carry out a cycle of quality improvement.

If you already do these things well, then it is not likely the company’s management will be increasingly good, ranging from marketing management, production management, financial management, etc.

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