$K Profit Almost in Week: My PPC Case Study

I’ve always idea that it is better to master one main traffic source versus fitting only fairly trained in a large number of them and for now I think I have a fantastic perfect grasp on the old SEO game. In all honesty, I’ve never really given paid traffic and particularly PPC an excessive amount of idea across my years of experimenting online. That modified currently when I met up with some pals in Bangkok who are making extra money than any blogger income reports you’ve seen. I have no desire to enter a similar industries as them, but I have the spare cash to put into an experiment, so I thought “why not”. I just want to make a few things clear before I start:Now, one thing I haven’t yet told is that I am concerned in regards to the size of my viewers availability on Facebook.

Though I was doing tight focused on, I’ve known from the start my abilities viewers there is sort of small for that very ecocnomic industry. I would say I could max out at between $10,000 – $15,000 in profit. I know that seems like a lot to a few of you, but I’m really attempting to find campaigns where I can usher in an additional 6 figures per year to my business. Especially when it’s going to be taking time out of my other endeavors which are already very profitable. Nice post Glen, I am a member of STM also, you are right, some great case studies on there.

I wish you all the best on Facebook, particularly with dating as you assert it is truly congested, compounded by the proven fact that FB don’t like associates, and also have banned a lot of bills of affiliates who advertising dating, so get used to having a couple on the go, and put money into a good cloaker. even though If you have the tremendous Mr Green in your side, remember to simply cruise it… Good luck man… Also look out for Maynzie on there too he is impressive.

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