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Naturally, what follows the title will be the content of the article. Search Engine algorithms are becoming more advanced today compared to the past. In the past, site owners could escape with illogical stuffing of the main keyword into the object and the Search Engines would rank them highly simply because the main key-word gave the impression again and again even if the article made much sense or not. But these days, Search Engines use Latent Semantic Indexing LSI and other strategies to be sure that the content material of the article does make sense and adds assistance of value to the reader before it ranks it highly.

All free technology strategies can be boiled all the way down to one basic recreation – placing links in strategic internet sites. The more links you’ve in these strategic websites pointing back to your online page, the better it is. This is what Internet sellers call ‘link juice’ or ‘link love’. When the se’s find a link on another online page pointing to yours, it counts it as a ‘vote’ for your website, indicating that your online page is critical in the eyes of any other web page. The more links or ‘votes’ you get from other websites, the more crucial your online page is and the upper it ranks in the se’s.

The premier aim of all free site visitors technology methods is to get your online page ranked number one the 1st listed online page on page One of the SERP or a minimum of be listed on the 1st page of the SERP for any certain keyword. But there is a word of warning. The search engines frown upon a domain that gets a huge surge of links pointing to itself abruptly like 100 in a day. The reason is that it doesn’t appear natural. There are sure authentic occasions when this might happen, for instance a big media event that highlights one website and every news portal, fan’s website and social media site points to it all on a similar day.

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In such a case, the se’s will push that web page on to page One for a few days after which when the buzz over that website dies down and no new links are pointing to it, then it is far from page One. That is not what you’d want to see going down to your web page. To avoid that, you need to build up the variety of links pointing to your website obviously. ‘Naturally’ to the search engines means two things – a gradual buildup of links through the years and links using alternative anchor texts pointing to your site. Of course it continues to be vital to use your long tail keyword as the anchor text but make sure to also drop links with other related terms about 30% of the time.

For instance, in case your long tail keyword is ‘fast remedy for head lice’, then associated terms may be ‘head lice cure’, ‘treating head lice’ or ‘head lice remedy’. You can even use very ordinary terms like ‘click here’ or the raw URL of your web page.