JEBCommerce is now managing the MIKO Affiliate Program JEBCommerce

A true industry veteran, Christopher Park began the Blair. com affiliate program in 2001, added the Old Pueblo Traders and Bedford Fair associate courses in 2013, and ended up coping with 11 courses when Blair’s parent company was received by Bluestem Brands. In 2017, Chris made the switch to the agency side and gained event in the travel vertical of internet marketing while working for a small OPM company. In June 2019, Chris got a chance to work for JEBCommerce, and effortlessly jumped at the prospect to work with his industry friend, Jamie Birch, and his astonishing team!Chris is a frequent speaker at internet marketing events, and speaks and teaches classes at local community schools in Erie, PA and Jamestown, NY.

When he’s not living the dream it’s affiliate marketing, Chris and his wife, Shelley, enjoy touring to go to their grown little ones and grandchildren.