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You may need observed I have an Exchange 2010 Edge Transport server running. This is used for SMTP site visitors to and from the Internet. My MX record is pointing to the Edge Transport server, but cross premises SMTP is delivered without delay on the Mailbox server. When is the best time to upgrade the Edge Transport server to Exchange 2016?There’s no real rule of thumb for this.

The Exchange 2010 Edge Transport server works fine with an Exchange 2016 Mailbox server, but the other way around also works fine. I usually improve the Edge Transport servers to Exchange 2016 after installation the Mailbox servers, but before moving Mailboxes. But there are much more options when doing this. If you move to Office 365 and have moved all your Mailboxes to Exchange Online, things are getting appealing. In this condition, you still need at the least one Exchange server on premises for management purposes. Microsoft gives a free Exchange 2016 hybrid license for this situation there’s no free Exchange 2019 hybrid license!, and Microsoft is committed to assist this configuration.

At least until the instant a last answer is brought by Microsoft to remove that last Exchange server out of your on premises association. According to Microsoft, “this does not increase your risk profile in any respect” as stated in their article “Exchange Server 2016 and End of Mainstream Support”. If you continue to have mailboxes on premises, the Microsoft recommendation is to head to Exchange 2019. Mainstream support for Exchange 2019 will end on January 1st, 2024, and extended assist for Exchange 2019 will end on October 14, 2025 this is an analogous date as end of extended support for Exchange 2016. Be honest, how often do you check the software models to your Azure AD connect server?I need to admit, Exchange is not an issue, this is up-to-date regularly, but Azure AD Connect is a special story.

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At the instant of writing my Azure AD Connect version is working 1. 4. 38. 0 installed on December 31, 2019 so greater than 6 months ago while edition 1. 5. 30.

0 is already available for a while now source: Azure AD Connect: Version liberate history. And however Azure AD Connect supports auto upgrade Check with the Get ADSyncAutoUpgrade cmdlet, not all updates of Azure AD Connect help auto improve and thus want to be upgraded manually.